6 Danish Sportstech Startups to Watch

6 Danish Sportstech Startups to Watch

With the help from DGI Impact and DIF Innovation Lab we’ve found 6 sportstech-startups to keep an eye on from the Danish ecosystem. 

With the help from DGI Impact and DIF Innovation Lab we’ve found 6 sportstech-startups to keep an eye on from the Danish ecosystem. 

Startups like Trackman, Endomondo and Veo have already shown what home run potential in the booming sporsttech industry looks like.

A wealth of young startups are currently looking to become the next Danish success story. With the help from DGI Impact and DIF Innovation Lab we’ve found 6 of the most promising startups right now.

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Camera that helps swimmers improve their technique

SwinCam is a waterproof camera that allows swimmers to start streaming video of their training to an app in a matter of minutes – just by the press of a button and with no cables involved.

This way, swimmers get feedback on their training every day and can improve their technique with the help of video monitoring and the app specifically designed for swimming without a coach needing to be constantly involved.


App that digitizes climbing routes

ClimbAlong is an app that wants to change climbing by digitizing climbing routes using a technology they call “M.A.G.I.C.”.

The company’s AI is able to find any climbing route in a picture and turn them into a model, which gives the user every necessary information – such as start and end holds, difficulty and zones.

Replay Institute

Tactical software and virtual reality training

An important part of being a professional football player is the ability to read the game and make the right decisions in split seconds. Replay Institute enables them to train this on a virtual reality pitch.

This allows players and coaches to align, discuss and train situations in the game before they even happen – all thanks to virtual reality.


Social sports club in a box

Hubbster wants to bring back play to the city by making it a more integrated part of urban life in the form of ‘Hubs’; on-demand boxes with equipment for sports and play accessible 24/7.

Users locate and access the hubs with an app, which also adds a social layer where they can invite friends to join in on the game.


3D-printed insoles

All people are different, so why do we force our feet to fit into standard shoes? That questions ignited the startup Zoles, which now has a solution in the form of 3D-printed insoles.

The company scans and maps the feet of each individual customer, customise the design of the insoles and 3D prints it for the perfectly tailored insole.


Tape providing friction for indoor sports

Ankle injuries are a huge issue in indoor sports like handball, badminton and volleyball. Spraino has found the most efficient way to solve the problem to be a special kind of tape that improves friction.

Through intensive research, the company has developed a ‘Tribo’-tape which reduces serious ankle injuries by almost 60 per cent.

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