Cinemas will soon introduce a new game format to the big screen, which the Danish company Cinemataztic is currently developing in collaboration with the game studio Bolverk. Their ambition is for a hundred or more players to compete against one another at the same time, with tournaments played out on the big screen.

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If you’ve been to the cinema within the last eight years, there’s a high chance you will have come across one of the interactive BioSpil games from Cinemataztic: a seven-minute, interactive advert on the screen, which encourages cinema-goers to compete against each other for prizes of fizzy drinks or popcorn.

This interactive format has been so successful that it has now been exported to a large number of countries. Cinemataztic is now preparing to introduce a new game format targeted at the cinema, in collaboration with the game studio Bolverk. They call this format CineClash, which for the first time ever will place the game as the main attraction for cinema-goers.

“We have succeeded in digitizing the commercials, and now we are looking at a digital transformation of the cinema medium itself. Cinemas have long demanded a format aimed at GenZ, and CineClash is a really good match that will be able to use everything that the cinemas are world champions in – audio, image and light – to create a completely unique gaming experience,” says Mikkel Hagedorn, CEO of Cinemataztic.

A brand new social gaming format

Today, games live on apps, consoles and computers. The CineClash format will seek to redefine that, by introducing an entirely new channel, giving gaming companies the opportunity to develop and distribute games tailor-made for the big screen, while the cinemas themselves will have the opportunity to host live, multiplayer tournaments at their venue.

Using their smartphone as the controller, the format will allow up to 100 players to compete against each other simultaneously, from the comfort of their cinema seats. It’s a concept that presents a new challenge for developers, as well as offering new opportunities. The fact that each game takes place within the same physical setting means that new dynamics can find their way into the games – such as one section of the particpants at the cinema competing against the other.

“It is really exciting to help create a completely new game format and distribution channel for the gaming industry, and at the same time it is a huge challenge to make a game that can be played by so many players at once,” Bo Bennekov, CEO of Bolverk games, says.

Global ambitions

Bolverk Games is developing the first game in the CineClash format, and it won’t be long until the first version of the game will be tested in a real cinema.

“We want to create a new gaming genre, where young people are physically together when they play, giving a completely new kind of gaming experience. At the same time, we want CineClash to become a new income stream for both cinemas and game developers,” Hagedorn says.

CineClash will be distributed through the BioSpil platform, which is already out in Finland, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Spain and Australia. Cinemataztic is currently looking for both investors and partners who can help make this new game format a global success.