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A round in the innovation ring can boost growth


Startup events are both a colourful innovation circus and an important part of growing a startup.

Startup events are both a colourful innovation circus and an important part of growing a startup.

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Startups will never succeed without the right people around them to inspire and help them in the right direction. And it’s hard to find the right people without leaving the startup cave.

One of the key benefits of startup events like Slush’d Aarhus, Ignite Odense and TechBBQ is just that: Networking and inspiration.

The best startup events, award shows and competitions bring the ecosystem together across entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and other members of the startup community. Connections that not only provide new knowledge, but can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations and introductions to potential customers or investors.

There are many events, awards and competitions throughout the year in the Danish startup ecosystem. Some are big and broad, others are small and very focused. It’s easy to get lost and potentially waste a lot of time on one event after another. So do your research, participate thoughtfully and always have a plan for what you want to achieve.

New ideas and a sense of belonging

Startup events give startups the opportunity to pitch their ideas and products to potential investors and customers. Many startup events include pitch competitions or demo days where startups can showcase their products and get feedback from investors and industry experts. Sometimes with prizes in the form of large checks or access to a prestigious accelerator or mentorship.

For start-ups, winning a pitch competition or an award can really kick things into high gear. Even if it’s just a local startup event, it’s a recognition and a seal of approval that can be leveraged and used to win the next and bigger competition, raise capital, land customers or excite future employees.

In addition, startup events provide access to mentors and advisors who guide and support startups. Many events include mentoring sessions or workshops where startups learn from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.

At the same time, startup events are a great way for startups to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in their industry. Here they can learn about new ideas and technologies that might be just what the startup needs to make their idea a reality.

Events can be a great source of inspiration and motivation for entrepreneurs. The events provide an opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges and obstacles. It allows ecosystems to come together and provides a sense of community – a sense of belonging. Or just the feeling of having fun while hanging out with other entrepreneurs.

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