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Aarhus startup goes from zero to 100 million in 2.5 years


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How can a 22-year-old from Aarhus turn over DKK 100 million in just 2.5 years?

It was not in the cards that Nicolai Dahl Petersen would achieve a turnover of DKK 100 million by selling duvets online. The fact that it happened in just 2.5 years doesn’t make it any less impressive. It’s the dream of being an entrepreneur that has driven him and made him never look back. Nicolai describes himself as someone who dares to go big and without fear of failure; this approach has proven to be the key to his success.

“It went from nothing to huge in a very short time. Our turnover almost doubled for many months in a row,” Nicolai Dahl Petersen tells TV2 Østjylland.

The dream from elementary school to the real world

Since his days in primary school, Nicolai has dreamed of being an independent entrepreneur. With three years at Aarhus Business College in Skejby, where his dreams began to take shape, he succeeded better than anyone could have expected.

After high school, he embarked on an adventure by starting the web shop Scandinavian Rest, specializing in the sale of weighted duvets and alternative sleep products. The webshop in particular has been the driving force behind the huge turnover.

His determination started in a boy’s room in Hadsten, and the big gamble has today resulted in an office and an apartment in Aarhus, where his entrepreneurial dream is alive and well.

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