Greenwashing: Will the green ever be written in black and white?

More and more people are crying wolf when companies make themselves out to be greener than they are. But will we end up silencing the green transition all together? We take the temperature on one of the most used...

Sustainary: Assesment is about creating a common language for our green goals

We need to strengthen the common understanding of what it means to work with impact if we are to push society in a more sustainable direction, the climate organisation Sustainary believes. This article is published in collaboration with Sustainary. EU taxonomy. Product...

From researcher to founder: ITU-professor has been on more startup adventures than most

While some academics still find it hard to see themselves in spinout companies, ITU professor Martin Pichlmair has his own startups several times. And it's an adventure he thinks more people should pursue. "Working on LAIKA, an AI creativity tool....