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International rankings can reveal plenty of great reasons to run a company from Denmark. Copenhagen Capacity helps foreign companies assess the viability of Greater Copenhagen as a solution to their needs, before they make the all-important decision to move here.

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To Danes, it might seem odd that foreign talent and companies choose to relocate to a place where high tax rates and gloomy weather are often on the list of things we complain about.

When doing business, however, there are a multitude of advantages that make Denmark attractive. The country consistently tops the charts when it comes to ease of doing business, trust and liveability – and in 2022 Copenhagen was named the world’s most digital city.

»We help startups and businesses from every industry globally to establish a Nordic or international base in the Greater Copenhagen Region, and to help them evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses that Copenhagen has for them as a potential new hub,« Oliver Hall, Head of Tech Investments (UK, EU & Japan) in Copenhagen Capacity, explains.

About: Copenhagen Capacity

  • Copenhagen Capacity is the official organisation for attracting and supporting international companies, investors and professional talent, with the goal of continuous, sustainable growth in Denmark and the Greater Copenhagen Region. The organisation does this by promoting the metropolitan region and country globally and using its network and experience across industries, academia, and the public sector to guide customers through their business opportunities.
  • The organisation currently employs seventeen different nationalities who speak over twenty languages, which makes it easy to break down both language and cultural barriers.
  • Contact: Oliver Hall, Head of Tech Investments ( & Dan Rosenberg, Strategy and Talent Acquisition Lead (

The Local Guide

For foreign companies, Copenhagen Capacity is the one-point entry to the local ecosystem – acting as the local guide that knows and understands the community intimately, and who already supports 30-50 companies in establishing themselves in the Greater Copenhagen Region each year. They know that each company has its own journey, so the support from Copenhagen Capacity is always tailored to their individual needs.

»If they want to come and experience what they can accomplish here, then we go all the way: we show them around; introduce them to partners across the triple helix; provide a range of corporate advisory services and benchmarks against other locations, and even fully assist them with access to highly-skilled international talent through our world class Talent Team,« Oliver explains.

From benchmarking the logistics of setting up in Denmark from other cities, to explaining various corporate structuring models, Copenhagen Capacity has 27 years of unique experience in creating business cases – as well as prestigious awards for its industrial cluster creation, such as Medicon Valley, CLEAN Cluster, and closely supporting others such as Copenhagen Fintech, the Danish Life Science Cluster and BLOXHUB. It is a prolific initiator of Nordic projects, such as the Nordic Asian Venture Alliance, the Microbiome Signature Project, the Greater Copenhagen Career Portal and the Greater Copenhagen Green Deal.

A Place for People

It is easy to point at rankings that showcase all the benefits for businesses when foreign companies consider relocating to Denmark. But according to Oliver – a native Brit who relocated to Denmark – it is not just about the business incentives.

»Copenhagen is not just the world’s most digital city and the easiest place in Europe to do business. When companies relocate it means people relocate too, and then liveability means a lot as well. And when it comes to work/life-balance and liveability, it’s hard to beat this region,« he says.


Curaizon: a UK-based life science company relocating to Denmark

Who?: Curaizon is a life science company from the UK. They provide a digital service which ensures the correct intake of prescribed medicines for the benefit of patients, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, thus helping these patients achieve better management of chronic diseases.

Copenhagen Capacity has assisted Curaizon in the decision to move the company’s global headquarters from London to Medicon Valley in Copenhagen.

Why Copenhagen?
– The highly specialized workforce which has proven to be significantly less expensive (but just as skilled) compared to the specific workforce in the UK.
– Tax advantages for R&D companies.
– A co-founder friendly tax law.
– Technological progress and development.
– Medicon Valley as an ecosystem from which to draw the highly-specialized talent they require.

How CopCap assisted: During the decision process, Copenhagen Capacity has introduced Curaizon to the vibrant life science ecosystem in Greater Copenhagen, important stakeholders, and general business operations in Denmark. After Curaizon’s relocation to Copenhagen, Copenhagen Capacity has continued to be a close partner, giving the company advice on, amongst others: investments, data access and market access.

A Career in Denmark:

  • A record level of 10,5% of the working population consists of international talent, an illustration of the fact that Denmark has been an attractive career destination for years, but is simultaneously deeply dependent on international talent. Therefore, Copenhagen Capacity works actively to inspire and motivate more international candidates to consider a career in Denmark.
  • »And with some of the flattest workplace hierarchies in the world, you are encouraged to share your ideas and take an active part in shaping the tech scene and not least the green transition in Greater Copenhagen,« Dan Rosenberg, Strategy and Talent Acquisition Lead at Copenhagen Capacity says.
  • Are you also ready to join us? Check out the open jobs and sign up for career news on the Greater Copenhagen Career Portal.

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