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Entrepreneur tired of the way things are: Science should be a playground for everyone


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Science education can often feel dry and disengaging for many students, but in a time where we are constantly witnessing new technological quantum leaps, we need more children and young people to take an interest in STEM subjects(STEM is a collective term for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). That’s why a former researcher from Aarhus University has set out to change the picture. Shaeema Zaman, is a quantum physicist and entrepreneur. She is the initiator of not one, but two innovative startups: Science Melting Pot and QASE Tech.

Science Melting Pot

Science Melting Pot was founded with a vision to make science more inclusive and exciting by offering a wide range of communication services. From teaching researchers how to better communicate their findings to creating interactive infographics and games. And betting that the startup can make complex science accessible to everyone through storytelling.

“As the name suggests, we aim to be a melting pot of science communication services with a sharp focus on making the complex relatable and accessible through storytelling,” says Shaeema Zaman, who is also affiliated with The Kitchen at Aarhus University.

This has ended up including knowledge dissemination for departments at Aarhus University and DTU, including a collaboration on a website that has followed Andreas Mogensen’s mission to the International Space Station.


But it doesn’t stop there. Together with Elham Amiri, an astrophysicist, she has established QASE Tech, which offers a playful approach to classroom teaching. Using QASEs – do-it-yourself assembly kits – they want to spark high school students’ interest in astrophysics and quantum physics. From building a radio to communicate with satellites to following a Danish astronaut on his journey to the International Space Station, these kits are designed to make complex concepts tangible and exciting.

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“I always felt that I was missing the playful element in school. As a result, we asked several teachers if they wanted to innovate their teaching methods. They all said yes, but many of them didn’t have the time,” explains Shaeema Zaman.

The motivation behind QASE Tech is therefore not to replace the textbook, but to add a component and a playful element. Not only has the effort attracted attention from researchers and companies, but both startups have received millions in funding. The road has been challenging with funding rejections and practical obstacles, but Shaeema Zaman and her team found support and inspiration from the entrepreneurial community at The Kitchen.

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