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Aarhus Townhall and Slush’d Aarhus have quickly become established physical meeting places for the Aarhus ecosystem. An important piece in creating a community and a showcase for the ecosystem.

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With talks, intimate networking and hard-hitting drumming from Safri Duo, Aarhus showed a new side as host of the startup event Slush’d back in October. An event that, like its sister event Aarhus Townhall, was completely sold out – proving just how long Aarhus has been waiting to get its own big startup events.

“Aarhus needs something that brings the ecosystem together. People should be able to meet and exchange experiences. Founders need to meet other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey – which happens when you meet physically and informally and can share experiences, ups and downs,” says Mette Tønnesen, director of Startup Aarhus, which is the organisation behind both Townhall and Slush’d.

At the same time, the two events serve as a showcase for what the ecosystem in Aarhus has to offer. Both for the entrepreneurs, who get a storefront to the outside world, but also for investors, corporates and other stakeholders in and around the ecosystem, who can meet the entire ecosystem at once. And the ecosystem needs that.

“We don’t brag enough in Jutland. That’s why we want a meeting place that can help create a we-feeling that Aarhus can do something special. When it comes to Slush’d and Townhall, it’s all about the sense of community: How cool that a city like Aarhus can attract this. There must be a pride in the city and its amazing entrepreneurs, so that the founders themselves will eventually start shouting about the good stories from the community,” says Mette Tønnesen.

Aarhus Townhall

What does the ecosystem say?

Startup: Yana Vlatchkova from Question Base

Yana Vlatchkova from Question Base
Yana Vlatchkova from Question Base

“Startup Aarhus has been instrumental for creating a vibrant and engaged startup ecosystem here. They are amazing at running many get-togethers and knowledge-sharing events during the year. But nothing matches the two big dates – Aarhus Townhall and Slush’d. There’s tons of high-fives, exchanged contacts and advices. It creates a sense of belonging, like this is your hood and together, we can make each other stronger. To be part of this experience as a startup, means it is less lonely to be on the hard startup journey. “



Investor: Christian Vinther from Founderment

Christian Vinther from Founderment

“Townhall and Slush’d help to gather and attract both national and international people from the community to Aarhus. It is a unique opportunity to showcase the ecosystem – it helps put Aarhus on the map. And as an investor, it provides an opportunity to see more exciting cases and also to connect with other investors, who are often interested in having a local contact.”



Upcoming events:

  • Diversity Week (27-31 marts): Connects women who fund, found, and work in startups. Diversity Week creates a space, where the minority becomes the majority and acknowledges challenges and explores opportunities and solutions.
  • Aarhus Townhall (27 April 2023 + 13 October 2023): We bring together the entire startup community (mainly local, with a few national) for a short program followed by beer and informal networking.
  • VC-Series (Continiously when VC’s are in town): Invites international VC’s to Aarhus to give a short talk and network with a select group of local founders.

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