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Startup events are both a fun gathering place and a dead-serious part of growing a startup.

Even entrepreneurs have to leave their crunch cave and attend gatherings in the outside world sometimes. And with good reason.

Startups are never successful without the right people around. And one of the key benefits of startup events such as Aarhus Townhall, Slush’d Aarhus or TechBBQ is just about that: networking.

The best startup events, award shows and competitions bring together entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and other startup community members. This provides an opportunity for startups to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors. These connections do not just bring new insights but can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations, and introductions to potential customers or investors.

There are a lot of events, awards and competitions throughout the year in the Danish startup ecosystem. It is easy to get lost and potentially waste a lot of time in transport from one event to another. So do your research, choose your participation wisely, and always make a plan for what you want to achieve.

New ideas and a sense of belonging

Startup events allow startups to pitch their ideas and products to potential investors and customers. Many startup events include pitch competitions or demo days, where startups can showcase and receive feedback from investors and industry experts. Sometimes with incredible prizes in the form of big checks or access to a prestigious accelerator or mentorship – e.g. Plougmann Vintofts competition “IP Matters”, where four startups received DKK 50.000 worth of IP advisory last year.

For startups, winning a pitch competition or an award can really get the ball rolling. Even if it is just your local startup event, it is a recognition and stamp of approval that can be leveraged and used towards winning the bigger and next-in-line competition as well as raising soft funding or investor capital.

In addition, startup events provide access to mentors and advisors who guide and support startups. Many events include mentorship sessions or workshops, where startups learn from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Furthermore, startup events are a great way for startups to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in their industry. To get exposure to new ideas and technologies that might be what the startup needs for their idea to turn out just right. These events often feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops.

Events can be a great source of inspiration and motivation for entrepreneurs. These events provide an opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs who have overcome similar challenges and obstacles. It allows ecosystems to meet and gives a sense of community – a sense of belonging. Or just a sense of fun while hanging out with fellow entrepreneurs.

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