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Growth zones: Coffee from Hamburg and international inspiration is the recipe for innovation


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At Vestergade 49B, 40 entrepreneurs work daily at their desks, each working on their unique dream.

They all have access to the public cafe, which accommodates everyone from the self-employed working to the student and people just stopping by for the great coffee from Elbgold in Hamburg.

LYNfabrikken is for people

The name of the place is LYNfabrikken, and it came as a bolt from the blue. The place has been around for over 20 years and is alive and well because there’s room for surprises, ingenuity and thinking big.

Many internationals find their way here, perhaps because in the evening it transforms into a wine bar where board games are played and people sit in a lobby-like atmosphere, answering the last emails before the computer is shut down for the day.

“We are very inspired by the lobby atmosphere in hotels around the world. This is where people work, hang out, relax and meet many different people,” Jeppe Vedel, owner of LYNfabrikken, tells and elaborates:

“We like to mix people from different cultures, backgrounds, ages, experience; that way you get interesting conversations and new things can happen. We have some regulars who have gotten to know other regulars and maybe start working together on projects. That’s what we want to do with the café.”

The office hotel also has 4 different meeting rooms available for rent, giving both small and large companies the opportunity to visit the factory for a day meeting with catering – or a larger workshop.

“We travel a lot and like to bring back good finds or memories. For example, our coffee from Hamburg and our Almdudler soda is something we tasted on one of our trips to the Austrian mountains. We have also collaborated with people from the Netherlands, Austria and many other countries on several occasions. For example, we have had various artists exhibiting in our gallery at Vestergade for over 15 years,” says Jeppe.

Hear Jeppe Vedel talk about LYNfabrikken

From the backyard of history to the digital future

LYNfabrikken is located in an old factory building in a backyard where you can get a cup of coffee on the 2nd floor; in other words, it’s a bit of a secret backyard treasure. You need to know they’re there.

In addition, they are one of Denmark’s oldest coworking spaces and provided power and free internet in the café long before remote working was commonplace.

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“Our digital gallery in Vestergade is a “remember to play” project from our side. It has functioned as a physical gallery with many different exhibitors for many years, but since Corona we have transformed it into a digital gallery for digital artists. Working with creative people from all over the world really gives us a lot on a personal level.”

The motivation of running the place is to go to work happy every day. Jeppe describes that it’s almost as simple as it could be.

“We want to be a platform for a sea of people who can work from our location. It creates community and we notice daily what happens when people meet again and again. That presence combined with creativity can create great things. If our joy can rub off on the many people who come here every day, then I feel that we are doing something right.”

The video shows LYNfabrikk’s digital gallery and Rooftop

Inspiration as a driving force

When Jeppe was asked if he had a good anecdote from the LYN factory, it was almost hard for him to hold back, but still emphasized one that stands out a bit:

“Oh, there are many. When we occasionally give lectures, the anecdotes are told like pearls on a string. But a funny anecdote is that many years ago, a girl came into the café and said “This place reminds me of Das Möbel in Vienna.” A few days later we had made contact with Das Möbel, which was a café with unique design objects and a place with high ceilings. We went to Vienna and then did a project where we sent some upcoming Danish designers in our network to Vienna and they did the same in the other direction. The furniture we have in the café today is still from those designers from back then. For several of them, the exchange was also a starting point for them to get out and collaborate across national borders.”

Jeppe says that there are still many people from abroad who say they remind them of somewhere. It is precisely these meetings and the inspiration that comes from them that create new opportunities. That’s what it’s all about at LYNfabrikken.

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