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How do politicians view entrepreneurs? Mona Juul, Det Konservative Folkeparti


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Entrepreneurial strategy is just around the corner. And it has been for almost a year.

Therefore, we now also know the key points in the ongoing negotiations, which are largely about tax frameworks that will make it easier to take risks for founders, employees with shares and investors. But more fundamentally, how do politicians relate to entrepreneurship?

We have given business spokespersons from all parties the opportunity to give their input. Here you can read the answers from Mona Juul from the Conservative People’s Party.

Blue Book: Mona Juul, Conservative People’s Party

  • Politics: Elected to the Danish Parliament in 2019 as a candidate for the Conservative People’s Party in Aahus Østkredsen. Business Spokesperson, Consumer Spokesperson, Climate Spokesperson and Tourism Spokesperson
  • Business: CEO and partner of Envision (2007-2018). In addition, a number of positions in the private sector in areas such as sales and marketing. Also on the board of Bocuse d’Or Denmark and FOF Aarhus.

What is your relationship with entrepreneurship?

I have started and acquired several companies under the auspices of the company I co-owned and was CEO of for many years before entering politics. I have followed a lot of entrepreneurship and as a long-standing board and executive committee member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, I have focused on conditions for entrepreneurs. As a politician, I am concerned with business policy. Concerned with where the money comes from and how we provide the best possible incentives to develop, run and start businesses. Big or small.

What is an entrepreneur to you?

It’s not difficult to start up. It’s hard to hang on and even harder to scale. Therefore, to me, an entrepreneur is a brave and optimistic person. Who is persistent, curious and has a desire to learn. I don’t think it makes sense to define further. Everyone who has gone self-employed or started a business is an entrepreneur.

“It’s not hard to start up. It’s hard to hang on and even harder to scale.”

Mona Juul, The Conservative People’s Party

What kind of entrepreneur should we be particularly proud of?

Every entrepreneur has an entitlement. We need a much stronger culture of independence and should be proud of everyone who starts up. If you’re a freelance graphic designer or a Lars Larsen type, we need you. My political focus is also on both. That’s why I work to ensure that the self-employed have the same rights as employees in the unemployment benefit system and how we can ensure a higher degree of scaling.

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