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At CBS and ITU, startups and commercialisation rhyme with students and researchers. And the opportunities for support are many when allied with the universities’ dedicated startup hubs.

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Flow Robotics, Kasper Støy (ITU) and Andres Faina (ITU)

Flow Robotics founders Kasper Støy ITU and Andres Faina ITU

What are you working on in your startup?

We have developed a pipetting robot that can move liquid from one place to another with great precision. It frees up resources, avoids work injuries via repetitive motion and automates the entire process.

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What is your educational background?

Kasper Støy is Professor of Computer Science (ITU) and Andres Faina is Associate Professor of Computer Science (ITU).

How has the ITU Business Development-hub helped you?

Initially by supporting us financially, which gave us a foundation to work and explore the area. In addition, through the opportunity and freedom of ITU professors (Kasper Stoy and Andres Faina) to work in the company from the beginning.

In addition, we still have ITU as a major auctioneer and every time we have had a funding round, they have chosen to participate. And of course that means that they still follow us and keep their staff and that we still have access to their expertise to this day.

Instructr, Anders Juul Larsen (CBS) and Lasse Damsgaard Skaalum (AAU)

Instructr founders Anders Juul Larsen CBS and Lasse Damsgaard Skaalum AAU

What are you working on in your startup?

We help sports schools in skiing, surfing and mountain biking to give their students a better hybrid learning experience. We’ve developed a mobile platform from which instructors can share personalised feedback and content with students before and after physical sports lessons. Students can then access the learning when and where they want, extending the value of sports lessons.

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What is your educational background?

Lasse has a bachelor in software engineering from Aalborg University and I (Anders) have a bachelor in business administration and business communication from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

How has the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) helped you?

First of all, through CSE we have become part of a great network of young entrepreneurs. In addition, we have benefited greatly from the mentors at CSE, who have helped us put our startup into perspective and set a direction for the further development of Instructr.

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