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Is music startup the answer to justice in the world of streaming services?


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With the growing popularity of music streaming, emerging artists face increasing challenges in securing a stable income from their work. MuseIQ, a newly launched platform, seeks to address this very issue.

MuseIQ’s initiative is to promote economic fairness and transparency in the music industry. Through a validation system, the platform enables users’ subscriptions to directly contribute to artists’ revenue.

How it works

The platform offers a simple yet effective model where users, through their subscriptions, are assigned validations that they can assign to their favorite artists. These validations are converted into direct payments, ensuring fair compensation. MuseIQ is also working on integration with digital service providers such as Amazon Music and Itunes to expand functionality and benefits for users and artists.

“This new service with a different payment model benefits all artists, labels and songwriters as MuseIQ also settles all tracks under 1,000 streams unlike Spotify’s new centric model,” Jacob Deichmann, Co-founder and COO, tells

The future

MuseIQ concentrates on creating an engaged community and establishing important partnerships. Moving forward, they are looking to expand their user base, improve product offerings and strengthen partnerships. The team is also looking for investors and partners to support their initiatives.

It’s still early in the journey, but the fight for justice has only just begun for founders Oscar Stenderup Nielsen and Jakob Deichmann. You can also meet them at the Sport Festival in Aarhus.

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