Kristian wants to save the wind industry from labor shortages, but that’s just the beginning


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As the world moves towards greener forms of energy to combat climate change, the wind industry faces a significant challenge: an acute shortage of skilled labor. The problem doesn’t just threaten the industry, but it’s a threat to the global goals of limiting global warming. Kristian from Aarhus has now set out to do something about it.

A journey of transformation

Kristian Too Andreasen and his team at Kanda have experienced their share of mistakes over the company’s lifetime, but a strategic shift in 2021 to focus on digital training in the wind industry through virtual reality has proven to be nothing short of a game-changer.

There is an urgent need to train millions of renewable energy workers. By leveraging virtual reality technology, they now offer certified training in complex procedures through partners, addressing both scalability and accessibility issues in traditional training methods.

“95 percent of what we’ve done has been mistakes – in fact, some of our rookie mistakes have been completely stupid when I think back. But we didn’t know that at the time, and you have to take chances every now and then because you learn a lot, meet people, encounter problems and slowly you find out what it takes to succeed. At least as long as you don’t fall in love with your ideas so much that you’re not willing to adjust them,” Kristian tells Aarhus Stiftstidende.

The transition to digital learning has not gone unnoticed either, and the company has raised DKK 24 million in investments.

Global focus and vision for the future

Although Kanda primarily focuses on the wind industry, Kristian also sees opportunities to expand their digital learning platform to other sectors. With collaborations spread across the US, Europe, and Asia, and with a vision to become a leading partner in digital simulators, Kanda’s ambitions are not only limited to growth, but also to contribute positively to global climate action.

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