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Editorial from the magazine “Startup Guide – A comprehensive Overview of the Danish Startup Ecosystem” By Niels Holst, Heyfunding and Sebastian Kjær,

Once upon a time, building a tech startup was a wild and lonely adventure only few, brave entrepreneurs dared embark on. However, times have changed. Drastically.

Today, the number of successful startups and scaleups from Denmark is booming. Communities are forming all over the country, and the number of stakeholders and initiatives surrounding the ecosystem and supporting the wild growth is amazing. In a few decades, the startup ecosystem has grown from somewhat of a curiosity to a flourishing part of the Danish business community.

While the explosive growth and ever-changing nature of the ecosystem is what makes it so amazing to be a part of, it also makes it a jungle to navigate for both newcomers, experienced serial-entrepreneurs and ambitious stakeholders. It’s extremely complicated and resource-intensive to fully understand the dynamics and find your way around.

In order to make the ecosystem more accessible, Techsavvy Media and Heyfunding joined forces. And we’re happy to finally present this first edition of “The Guide – A Comprehensive Overview of the Danish Startup Ecosystem”. A guide built on top of Heyfundings mapping of the startup ecosystem and Techsavvys editorial and startup-centric expertise.

Raise your hand and ask for help

Startup founders usually have a certain drive. They make things happen, but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs have to know and do everything by themselves. If startups should only take one thing away from this magazine, it’s exactly that: Building your startups doesn’t have to be lonely. Remember to ask for help – it will only help you avoid mistakes and move faster towards success.

This publication is all about the wealth of amazing stakeholders in the ecosystem ready to help in every conceivable way. To mentor the entrepreneurs, fund and boost their venture, bring in the established companies to help the ecosystem grow and thrive.

No matter the industry, geography, size or shape, we have met the same affection for the startup ecosystem over and over again throughout our work with this publication: Every stakeholder wants to improve the Danish ecosystem. They don’t want to compete but to help, support and collaborate in order to take the startup ecosystem to the next level.

Our hope is that “The Guide” will be your perfect tool for navigating the Danish startup ecosystem. A new take on the yellow pages with mappings and lists of hundreds of initiatives in the ecosystem combined with great story-telling. Something that will help startups throughout their growth journey and hopefully foster new connections across the ecosystem along the way.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our friends in the ecosystem who contributed to this publication. Believe us when we say: It’s amazing to see the effort, the care, the difference everyone wants to make and the pay it forward attitude that is present every day.
Enjoy your reading!

About: Heyfunding
Heyfunding is a single-point-of-entry platform to the Danish startup ecosystem. Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to navigate the startup ecosystem. Our impact is rooted in over a decade of independent research and working side-by-side with more than 500 stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. Our mapping of the Danish startup ecosystem has become best practice and is used every day across the entire ecosystem.

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