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New investment database: Get an overview of how capital is moving around in the Danish ecosystem


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The Danish startup ecosystem has grown explosively over the past decade. A million-dollar investment to grow a startup was something quite exotic ten years ago. Today, this happens several times a week – even though venture capital is now harder to access than before.

The sheer number of investments makes it impossible for us to write an article about all of them. That’s why we’re trying something new: Together with readers, i.e. you, and good players in the ecosystem, we’re trying to continuously map investments as part of a newly established investment database.

The startup investment map

The initiative is designed to give investors, entrepreneurs and other interested parties an understanding of where capital is moving and which areas are experiencing growth.

We hope the initiative will help bring the entire ecosystem closer together. And you can contribute to the database and help shape the ecosystem.

If you know of an investment that is not already in the database, you can write to us at or fill out the form here: Techsavvy Investor

Recent investments include:

Virtuall – Copenhagen-based Fashiontech startup that will enable brands to sell their products in digital spaces, such as the metaverse. Travel approx. 6.2M DKK

Proemial – Aarhus-based AI startup wants to revolutionize the way we share knowledge. Travel 14M DKK

Octarine Bio – Copenhagen-based startup developing natural dyes and sustainable color technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the fashion industry. Travel 32.5M DKK

Miiskin – Copenhagen-based startup that also delivers patients to dermatologists rather than just streamlining the treatment of skin conditions. That’s a shift to a completely new business model and a commercial breakthrough. Travel 2.6M DKK

Relewise – Aarhus-based e-commerce platform has cracked the code to a better and more personalized online user experience by analyzing consumer behavior in milliseconds. Travel 6M DKK

You can see the rest of the investments on our website here: Investments – TechSavvy

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