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New investment: Revenue doubled for the second year in a row


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In the heart of Aarhus’ vibrant startup scene, Oliver Seiffert, a 24-year-old self-taught entrepreneur and investor from Horsens, has managed to stand out. With curiosity as his compass and a strong drive, Oliver has established himself as CEO of the marketing company he founded 2.5 years ago, POEtype. It’s a name that now resonates with innovation and customer loyalty. At the core of POEtype business is the data-driven approach that gives companies insights.

Oliver generously shares his knowledge, although his journey did not begin in the traditional halls of academia, but rather in the school of real life, where experience is the toughest but most rewarding teacher. Despite never setting foot in a university auditorium as a student, Oliver is now a teacher who shares his precious knowledge with students at UCL Odense and VIA in Horsens.

A new trip down the ski slope

But it’s not just in the classroom and in his business where Oliver puts his energy.

His investment in e-commerce company Brugteski speaks to his ability to spot what others might overlook. The company has doubled its turnover two years in a row, the current financial year will be approximately 5 million in turnover, most of which has already been realized due to the ski season period.

“I chose to invest in Used Skis because of its unique market position, it’s a niche area with high growth potential, the sale of used skis is a blue market with room for innovation. At the same time, it has a clear focus on recycling, which I would like to contribute to,” Oliver Seiffert tells and continues;

“The uniqueness of the company lies not only in their business model, but also in the people behind it. I’ve invested in a team of young talents who, if I do say so myself, have a remarkable work ethic and are just great businessmen. Especially as a young entrepreneur, it’s important to have a strong understanding of economics and make sound financial choices to avoid costly mistakes.”

The two founders Christoffer Klausen and Jakob Kjærgaard have gained valuable experience in the main areas of HR strategies, process optimization, automation and not least marketing and scaling knowledge. Oliver’s strategic approach is based on experience from both small and large companies, making him an important resource as Brugteski expects to begin their international scaling.

The future looks promising for the e-commerce platform, which is now ready for an international journey.

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