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New venture fund is looking for startups brave enough to ride the unridden waves


With experienced internet pioneers, a focus on community and a call to catch the unridden waves, Unridden Ventures brings a new formula to the venture market.

With experienced internet pioneers, a focus on community and a call to catch the unridden waves, Unridden Ventures brings a new formula to the venture market.

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Surfers prepare the board. Practice their balance. Put on their wetsuit and jump into the cold water. That is the only way they can be ready to catch the perfect wave when the ocean sends it their way.

Unridden Ventures has not only found its brand identity in the surfing community, but is looking for brave entrepreneurs who dare to jump on the unridden waves.

“I’m an old surfer who loves to kitesurf – and I still do,” says Søren Alminde, CEO of Unridden Ventures, and continues:

“Entrepreneurs should dare to take the chance to create their own business – just like you should take the chance to catch the unridden wave.”

Go find your unridden is the foundation’s mantra. This means jumping on new business opportunities – but it is also a special mindset for the people behind the companies.

“It’s a principle of personal development. You have to be patient, believe in the idea and seek out opportunities – and you have to be ready to jump on the wave once it hits. Others surf the wave, but you can surf it too if you dare to take the chance,” says Alminde.

<em>Go find your unridden<em> is the mantra of the new investment fund Unridden Ventures

Democratization and community at the centre

Unridden Ventures is a new venture fund, but Søren Alminde is an experienced man who was among the very early internet pioneers in Denmark. In the 90s, he co-founded Euroinvester, which went public before it was finally sold to Berglingske Media, and he is also behind Boliga, which was built on much of the same DNA.

“We wanted to democratize access to information. At the same time, we built it around the community idea. It was important that the private investors could talk to each other so that they could build a knowledge base together. And we did that long before social media,” says Alminde.

Søren Alminde serial entrepreneur and CEO of Unridden Ventures

This combination also plays a key role in Unridden Ventures. Wayer, Capsule and Swop Fashion, the fund’s first three investments, all have a community element. In addition to providing growth capital, the fund can contribute a lot of experience and knowledge within this specific field.

“As an entrepreneur, I think I’ve been through all the phases you can: From starting at home, following the evolution of the internet, the IT bubble burst, IPO and sale.”

Physical community on the way

As a venture fund driven by community, it seems like a logical next step when Unridden Ventures opens its physical community, Unridden Studio, in Copenhagen in September.

There will be 60 workplaces, and the ambition is to mix portfolio companies with skilled freelancers.

So it’s not just online meetings, but we actually meet physically and feel each other,” says Søren Alminde.

Unridden Studio Gammel Mønt Copenhagen

The foundation wants to support spontaneous idea creation by adding a physical community that can also include events and discussions.

“We need to get back to better and healthier communities where people form more genuine relationships. A community where you feel like you’re making a difference and changing the world for the other people in it. It leaves room for impulsiveness, and that’s where the good ideas that you haven’t thought of yourself can arise,” says Alminde.

4 values emphasized by Unridden Ventures

Unridden Ventures focuses on democratization, individual data control, mental health and wellness, and the importance of putting people at the center of technology:

Democratization: Bridging information gaps between individuals and larger corporate entities to ensure fairer prices and higher trust in online communities.

Individual Data Control: Advocating for individual control over personal data to build a democratic data-driven society.

Mental health and wellbeing: Prioritizing technology designed to enhance mental health and well-being, with a focus on addressing the negative impacts of current social media practices.

Putting People at the centre: Emphasizing the importance of technology adapting to human needs rather than the other way around, particularly in the realm of social media and online communities.

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