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“One of the most anticipated product launches in the Aarhus startup ecosystem”: AI startup launches first version of research chatbot


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With its ability to respond to anything in seconds, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. However, sometimes the answers are more fantasy than fact and it can be difficult to get a useful reference.

Aarhus startup Proemial has set out to change that. With a strong team of entrepreneurial and AI professionals, the startup raised tens of millions of dollars in late 2023 to develop its own research-based chatbot and has just unveiled the first version of its product, named Proem.

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“We built an AI agent-driven answer engine designed for important, complex and technical questions. The answers are concise and supported by scientific research. We suggest follow-up questions to help you dive deeper and really understand the nuances of a topic. The beta is the first part of a product that we believe will have a big impact on how we interact with research in the future,” explains Geet Khosl, co-founder and CEO of Proemial on Linkedin.

Beta from hyped startup

The now public beta version of Proemial is very similar to ChatGPT: Ask any question and get an answer in seconds.

Unlike its American competitor, Proemial allows you to immediately click through to the research article that the answer is based on. At the same time, you can get a personal summary and ask additional questions about the specific article.

We asked Proemials new chatbot What is the number one reason why startups fail The chatbot gave a short and precise answer as well as <a href=httpswwwmdpicom2071 10501072346>a number of references<a> to relevant research in the field

And local ecosystem profile Lasse Chor is keeping his enthusiasm for the first release from the prominent young startup under wraps:

“One of the most anticipated product launches in the startup ecosystem in Aarhus!!! Can’t wait to get answers to the questions that matter! Well done Geet Khosla, Mads Rydahl and Line Breckling and team,” he writes on Linkedin.

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