Payment solutions for the future are Open Source

Although IPP Europe is a relatively young company, its two founders are not new to the fintech game. Both have 10 years of experience from the payment company Yourpay, where they ran a payment provider themselves.
IPP Europe has created a financial platform that opens up the otherwise heavily regulated payments market in a new way. The vision is a modular ecosystem based on Open Source, making the market accessible to new players who can unleash innovation in payments.

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No matter how seamless an experience you have through an app or webshop, the journey always ends up in a familiar place: the anonymous payment page, which looks the same across most providers.

Why can’t the last step of the buying experience be an integrated part like the rest of the entire journey through the store? And why isn’t there more competition to give the customer an even better experience at the point of payment itself? Those questions are the foundation on which Mathias Gajhede and Camilla Bejlegaard Thomsen founded the software company IPP Europe.

»We’re used to being transferred past 2-3 different platforms when making a payment – and that’s where we want to go against the market we know. The merchant portal doesn’t have to look the same for everyone, and the webshop can actually integrate Google Analytics into the payment. It just requires the right payment infrastructure, so we’ve built that from scratch,« says Mathias Gajhede, Software Engineer and co-founder of IPP Europe.

Competing on experience

IPP Europe has the entire software package to get new gateways and payment facilitators up and running – with their own name, their own design targeted at their own customer base and with the ability to integrate new, innovative approaches to the payment experience. And the software is developed as Open Source, making it particularly flexible when adding new features or integrations.

»Payment has become a commodity, and we’re acknowledging that now. Going forward, it’s the best experience that is going to win. We’re building the infrastructure for those who have a vision for a new business model or a new way to challenge the payments market – but don’t want to build the infrastructure themselves,« Gajhede explains.

The customers for the solution are primarily new payment gateways and payment facilitators. In addition to the software, IPP Europe also has the regulatory know-how to apply for a licence, which makes it significantly cheaper for the customer to go through IPP Europe as their software is already documented in legal terms.

Payment provider in under 5 minutes

IPP Europe expects to create new dynamics in the payments market where the new paradigm will be more competition for the best payment experience. Large companies or agencies that want to be their own provider will have the opportunity to keep the customer in their own universe all the way through the buying experience. New startups can add innovation around the payment experience because the infrastructure allows it, or could target payments in new situations – e.g. the growing AR universe.

»Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks from the first contact until a new customer is selling his payment solution based on our software. But we can actually start a PSP in 4 minutes and 36 seconds – and that’s proven. This means that those who have a good idea can quickly go to market with it,« says Gajhede.

A foundation of Open Source

Many in the industry have doubted that the combination of encrypted card numbers and Open Source was possible. But IPP Europe has proven that it can be done; the company’s solution is PCI compliant and therefore approved by the payment card industry.

»We are doing away with the self-image of operating payment infrastructure. It no longer needs to be a few players who define how payments look and feel. With the Open Source approach, we are opening the market for new innovators,« says Gajhede.

As an Open Source company, IPP Europe is inviting others to further develop their infrastructure. This means that the company already has a wealth of plugins and integrations that can be hooked directly into the payment solution – including integrations for Google Analytics, Visma eConomics, Slack and SendGrid among others.

»We currently have 25 developers volunteering to create plugins and themes for our environment. It’s already the standard in SaaS in many other industries – but you haven’t seen it in the payments space at all before,« says Gajhede.

Fakta: IPP Europe

  • PCI compliant whitelabel gateway, open source merchant portal, merchant invoicing, multiple acquirer connectors and tons of integrations.
  • With its innovative software infrastructure, IPP Europe can get a new PSP up and running in a very short time – the record is 4 minutes and 36 seconds. The company hopes this will unleash innovation in the payments space.

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