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The increasingly competitive fight for tech talents has never been tougher. Targeting IT-candidates, INSCALE aims to disrupt the recruitment industry and make real headhunting more accessible to scale-ups and SMB’s with its Talent as a Service model.

Sponsored: This articled is published in collaboration with INSCALE.

One of the most important things in a business is getting the right people on board at the right time. Especially for scale-ups and SMB’s it is vital to get it right when the next piece of the puzzle is being put in place.

And if you are in the tech sector, the fight for talent continues to be fierce. 86% of tech managers find it difficult to find talent. Going to a traditional recruitment agency runs up costs and choosing to Do It Yourself will easily cost approx. DKK 215,000, including lost productivity, according to research.

INSCALE aims to address this issue by introducing a new subscription-based model, offering professional headhunting services and access to a distinct talent pool that is typically scarce in the market. This model is referred to as Talent as a Service, catering specifically to tech scaleups and SMB’s.

“We’re not just CV pushers, but partners to tech-growth companies. Not only have we changed the cost narrative, but we also share the risk of recruitment with our clients. This means that we do a full stop to the subscription and find new replacement talent for free if the employee leaves; no matter the reason” says Niels Erik Wøhlk, VP Sales & Marketing at INSCALE.


  • INSCALE has been one of the IT sector’s attractive partners since 2006 and today has 35 dedicated recruitment specialists available with offices in Copenhagen, Malaysia, North Macedonia, Ukraine and Portugal
  • The TaaS model is professional headhunting on a quarterly subscription basis including 36 months of assurance (Free replacement of leavers).

Experts in Tech Talent

INSCALE’s own recruitment experts specialise in the Tech industry. And that is an advantage in a market where talent is in short supply.

“They work exclusively with Tech people. They speak the same language, know what motivates them and what projects can attract this specific talent pool,” explains the INSCALE leader.

That is why Norwegian Aprila Bank turned to INSCALE’s new model when the organisation needed to scale.

“The battle for good talent is super, super tough – even for a small company like us, where everything is quite dynamic. Having a TaaS model where we don’t have this huge upfront fee, but we have a smaller fee based on how long the candidate actually stay in the company, resonates quite well with the needs” says Israr Khan, co-founder and CTO of Aprila Bank.

With a dedicated team of experts INSCALE helps startups and scaleups build the right tech team with TaaS

Company DNA is the alpha omega

One of the keys to success is to understand the business as well as the talent.

“We put in a lot of effort to understand the client’s culture, DNA, the business and the context in which the candidate will fit in. That way, we find people who not only meet the hard-core requirements, but also have the right set of soft skills,” explains Niels Erik Wøhlk.

With the TaaS model, the client and INSCALE’s success are inextricably linked. That is why they headhunt and recruit primarily passive talents – candidates who are already in jobs.

“There’s a big difference between an applicant that usually want to leave something, while the ones who get headhunted want to advance and go towards something. Passive talents are more likely to choose the client, which ultimately leads to more engaged, dedicated and longer-lasting teams, which is the whole point of our model: When our clients win, we win,” says Niels Erik Wøhlk.