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Scale-up secures DKK 300 million: The first company to obtain a license under new rules


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The Aarhus-based fintech company’s latest achievements undoubtedly mark a significant step forward in meeting a growing demand from consumers who have seen their purchasing power eroded in recent years. Anyday’s installment solution is designed to spread an expense over a longer period of time and create a flexible payment plan.

“We are incredibly happy and excited to have a player of this caliber join us on our journey. With DKK 300 million, we now have the prerequisites to meet the increased demand for our payment solution and, not least, the resources to further strengthen the relationship between consumers and the retail industry in Denmark,” says Jonas Overgaard, CEO and founder of Anyday, adding

“We all subscribe to the idea that the economy should be flexible and innovative, and this is a great starting point for tackling the challenge of weakened purchasing power together.”

Secures essential license

In addition to securing funding, Anyday Finance achieves a significant milestone by becoming the first company to gain approval under the new BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) regulations implemented on July 1, 2023. The license to operate a consumer loan business is granted based on the Danish FSA’s overall assessment of Anyday Finance’s business model, business procedures and management.

It is a huge milestone for Anyday to get this seal of approval from the Danish FSA, as it supports the mission of creating a payment solution for stores and customers that aims to revolutionize the way credit is given to consumers.

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