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Business and climate action go hand in hand as energy sources, natural resources and value chains are affected by climate change.The key for future success is driving sustainability, according to the leading climate consultancy South Pole.

This article is published in collaboration with South Pole.

Drought and floods. Energy crises. Political instability. The future can seem uncertain in many ways. Especially for those who run a business and work hard every day to bring logistics and finance together for a greater purpose.

But times of upheaval mean new opportunities. Especially for companies who grasp the great potential in becoming sustainable.

That is the analysis of the climate consultancy South Pole, who since 2006 has helped companies and organizations develop climate projects and analyze, identify and implement green solutions with lasting benefits for the environment, local communities and business.

“Look at the times we live in. The situation with Russia and Ukraine alone has created enormous challenges for many companies regarding, among other things, supply chains and energy sources. Climate change already does the same – wreaking havoc for companies around the world. The silver lining is that it creates a growth potential for the companies who make themselves independent of gas and other fossil energy sources and take significant steps towards becoming a sustainable business,” explains Jens Olejak, CEO of South Pole Sweden and regional director in the Nordics.

South Poletoday has over 1,000 experts around the world who analyze the rapidly changing political and legal landscapes and develop innovative solutions to respond to the needs of the specific organization or sector. They are also used to finding their way in waters that many may find difficult to navigate.

“Initially, it is important to take stock of a company’s emissions and create a baseline to work from. Together with the company, we identify the opportunities where we can reduce, optimize and streamline most efficiently, getting the biggest bang for the buck.. It is not something that is done overnight. But we develop a roadmap that guides the organization to reach its goal,” says Jens Olejak.

In the future, sustainability will not just be a ‘nice to have’, but essential for a healthy business, the South Pole director believes:

“By now, both consumers, clients and talents in the workforce expect climate awareness from the companies they interact with. It is no longer just a feather in one’s hat, but essential, along with a good product, if the company wants sustained success. Tomorrow’s winners will be the robust and sustainable companies.”

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