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Spinout creates paradigm shift: Private personal data must remain anonymous


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The spinout from Aarhus University has developed advanced technology that allows analysis of encrypted data without compromising personal anonymity.

“We have created a paradigm shift in data analysis. For example, we can now rank economic wealth without revealing individual incomes,” says Peter F. Frandsen, CTO and co-founder of Partisia to Aarhus University.

The company’s core competence is processing and analyzing encrypted data, which opens up new opportunities in information extraction. However, this applies not only when it comes to individual wealth, but also, for example, if you want health data

“The Danish Health Data Authority has a lot of knowledge about Danes’ health, Statistics Denmark knows a lot about Danes’ transportation habits, where they live, how much they earn and so on. By combining the two datasets, we can gain a lot of new knowledge, but authorities are not allowed to share individual data, so it’s not possible,” says Peter F. Frandsen and presents the solution to the problem:

“We can encrypt data in a way that you can share results based on individuals’ data without sharing data. This means that we can get aggregated knowledge about people from both the Danish Health Data Authority and Statistics Denmark, but without knowing who the data is about. It gives a whole new perspective on how to share data and gain new knowledge.”

Their encryption solutions ensure both increased data security and privacy protection. The technology they use is known as secure majority computation (MPC), which is expected to be widely adopted across sectors. Peter will present the technology’s potential at a conference at Aarhus University on April 18.

You can read more about the conference here: Cybersecurity: How do we maintain trust in our digital society?

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