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Startup invites political debate: Circular economy must be on the agenda for the European elections


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If Denmark is to be a pioneer in the fight against single-use packaging, it’s not enough just to look at takeaway packaging, says software company Re-zip. That’s why they want the circular economy to be a theme in the European Parliament election campaign.

Plastic straws have been banned, but a whole lot of disposable packaging still piles up as waste. The average Dane consumes 192 kg of packaging waste per year, and part of the equation is all the many packages we order from various webshops.

E-commerce has seen explosive growth in recent years, but the increase in sales comes with a downside in the form of increased amounts of packaging waste. Therefore, there is a need to broaden the discussion on how to reduce the use of disposable packaging and turn our consumption towards a more circular economy, says circular software company Re-zip.

“If we’re serious about reducing our packaging waste, it’s crucial that we also look towards e-commerce, because as long as e-commerce is on the rise, the amount of waste will only increase as long as we only manage to use the packaging once,” says Bo Bach Boddum, CEO at Re-zip.

Invites to debate with eight candidates

If the circular economy is to really take off, legislation needs to keep pace across Europe, because e-commerce today takes place just as much across national borders, says Bo Bach Boddum.

“Legislation has historically focused more on how we treat waste rather than how we reduce the amount of waste. If we want to reduce waste, we need to focus on solutions that use each package more than once,” explains Bo Bach Boddum.

Therefore, there is still a need to spread the circular economy in a European context, and Re-zip has set out to highlight this with an election debate leading up to the European elections. Here, eight European Parliament candidates will discuss how the EU can embrace the circular economy as the new standard to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle the environmental challenges facing Europe.

“We hope that with this debate we can raise politicians’ awareness of the need to reduce waste, so they can push Europe in a more sustainable direction. And we really want to do our part to make the circular economy a theme in the election campaign,” says Bo Bach Boddum.

The debate will be held at Re-zeip in Aarhus on Thursday 23. May 16-19. The eight candidates are: Anne Sophie Callesen (R), Niels Fuglsang (S), Carsten Normann (LA), Karin Liltorp (M), Carsten Kissmeyer (V), Marcus Knuth (K), and Jørn Grønkjær (AL). Read more here.

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