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In the future, collaboration across large healthcare companies, innovative startups, and public institutions will be essential if complex healthcare challenges are to be solved. Fortunately, Denmark has all the prerequisites to succeed.

This article is published in collaboration with Takeda and Health Tech Hub Copenhagen.

Back in the day, large companies could drive development all by themselves.

But today the health landscape is more complex, the actors more specialized, and the amount of data larger and spread across many different authorities. Therefore, in the future, we will have to work across companies, startups and public institutions to a much greater extent in order to drive both health and innovation forward. No one can do it alone.

It is therefore important to create an understanding that partnerships and joint innovation projects can lead to a better health system for everyone.

Fortunately, the Danish ecosystem has all the right prerequisites: A strong healthcare system, highly qualified staff, dedicated patient organizations, a willingness to invest in innovation, and not least skilled contractors – both in hospitals and in companies. Components that together constitute a unique innovation potential for Denmark.

In the same way, Danish health data is world-class and represents unimaginable possibilities in relation to public and private research, innovation, and development. For the benefit of patients in Denmark as well as throughout the world.

But there is still a need to improve the opportunities for collaboration between private and public stakeholders.

It requires, among other things, the implementation of one common national structure for data, one access point, and one standard for approval of innovation projects. We should also establish an innovation fund for health care that invests in new innovations and digital solutions.

We at Takeda and Health Tech Hub Copenhagen will, in partnership, take the lead in building a healthcare ecosystem that is driven by the common purpose of improving citizens’ health, patient experiences, and the efficiency of the healthcare system. That is why we search for all the innovative and collaborative opportunities that exist in the many talented Danish startups.

In Denmark, we have a unique potential in the health field. This applies not least to the areas where Takeda is active – rare diseases, ADHD and gastroenterology. But it requires us to work together if it is to be redeemed, and we would like to hear from those of you who want to join the journey.