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Tax platform receives over DKK 5 million investment from prominent investors


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At a time when many businesses are struggling with the uncertainty of a coming recession, the tax platform TaxHelper is in full swing. The company has already helped over 20,000 Danes and 7,000 UK citizens find more than €250 million in forgotten tax deductions. Crowns.

With an investment of over €5 million. After receiving funding from a number of prominent investors, TaxHelper sets a new and bigger goal: to double the number of customers and reach 50,000 within the next year.

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“We see a huge demand for a more intuitive and user-friendly way to manage taxes. With this funding, we are able to accelerate our scaling even more and aim to double the number of customers within a year. This comes after we quadrupled our revenue last year. In addition, we also have new products coming out in the next month or so that will give Danes even better control of their taxes,” says Aske Buemann, CEO and co-founder of TaxHelper.

Experienced entrepreneurs invest

The new investor group includes entrepreneurs Rune Mai, known for building the budget app Spiir and the open banking platform Aiia, Rasmus Jensen, creator of, and Gustav Thybo, creator of Flyhjælp.

“We’re looking forward to bringing in experienced people like Rune, Rasmus and Gustav, who have all built and sold companies worth millions. They have all tried scaling digital businesses and bring a wealth of experience in B2C and fintech, which is a perfect match for us. We are confident that they can contribute to our journey and help create a major European player in tax and finance that can make a difference for millions of citizens in Europe,” says Aske Buemann.

And new investor Rune Mai sees huge potential in TaxHelper and their mission to make tax and finance simple.

“At Spiir, we experienced first-hand how challenging finances can be for people. I think TaxHelper has a unique opportunity to become a personal and proactive advisor who can help their customers get the most out of their personal finances. There is a need for this both in Denmark and in the rest of Europe. Therefore, I’m very much looking forward to being part of the journey,” he says.


  • TaxHelper has reported tax deductions for 250 miles. DKK in total. A TaxHelper user finds an average of DKK 10,400 in deductions.
  • The UK tax authorities found that only 3 million out of a total of 12 million citizens had taken advantage of a deduction for working from home. This means at least 9 mil. citizens miss out on the deduction.

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