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Aarhus startups are doing well, and The Link wants to take the ecosystem to the next level by connecting the actors more closely – among other things, they are working on integrating corporates into the ecosystem.

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Despite its modest 350,000 inhabitants, the startup ecosystem in Aarhus is bustling. The university city is fostering startups like never before, and it has already produced its first successful unicorns. They are just not very good at telling the success stories out loud.
The non-profit organization The Link has set out to change that by connecting, branding and linking the ecosystem nationally and internationally.

‘In Aarhus, we are small enough that everyone knows each other. We are big enough to really change something. So we actually have a potential here, and when we can get people running in the same direction, we can change a lot. That’s why we are fighting to turn the good fragments into a more unified ecosystem,” says Mette Tønnesen, CEO of The Link.

Mette Tønnesen, CEO of The Link.

The Links 5 focus areas for 2023:

  • Attracting international capital
  • Next gen founders
  • Corporates into the ecosystem
  • Drive up diversity
  • More scaleups

Success is created across the board

The Link wants to connect the piecevs and find the ecosystem’s challenges so that they can be solved. The effort begins with startups, but investors, educational institutions, public authorities and large companies must also be involved if the ecosystem is to be elevated. That is why The Link has invited all local stakeholders to meet in the Startup Connect group.

“We want to ensure the best connectedness. All operators need to know each other and help each other. Therefore, four times a year, we bring together everyone who helps the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a broad sense, so that we can remove the barriers that exist in the ecosystem together,” explains Mette Tønnesen.

At the same time, The Link also runs two networks with a focus on getting large companies involved in the startup environment.

“Many of the big companies have a large amount of data, market insights and opportunities for expansion abroad: resources that are worth their weight in gold for startups. At the same time, they are looking for exciting new solutions. So it’s making the two ends meet – the practicalities, how to create the best relationships and how to create an understanding of startup engagement in the parent company,” says Mette Tønnesen.

The Link’s Networks

Startup Connect: Gather all community builders and service providers within the local startup ecosystem to help them stay on top of what’s happening, who they can make introductions to, and initiate new collaborations.

Corporate Venture Alliance: Gather corporates who strategically work with startups. The network helps them tackle challenges, knowledge share, and improve each of their efforts.

Corporate Venture Capital Network: Gather corporates that are actively investing in startups through existing corporate venture capital activities.

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