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The Lion from Aarhus with two new investments


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In Thursday’s edition of Løvens Hule, Aarhus lion Morten Larsen showed his keen eye for promising entrepreneurial projects. There were two different ones that stood out and got the lion’s purse out of his pocket; the furniture company KRISTIAN JUUL and the e-commerce wine shop Vinhuset.

First investment – KRISTIAN JUUL

Ribe-based KRISTIAN JUUL, founded by Mads Kristian Madsen and Magnus Juul Madsen, has reinvented TV furniture with its timeless Danish design. Their TV stands are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, which caught the attention of investors.

Magnus made the following statement:

“We know we’ve got something right that could be big, but we lack the skills to move forward. Our strength is in product development and design, but we don’t know anything about building and scaling a business.”

The founders of KRISTIAN JUUL Mads and Magnus with their new investors

It is investor and lion Morten Larsen who comes in with his skills and will help get KRISTIAN JUUL’s products into the Danish living rooms. They are characterized by their simple, elegant design in solid oak and walnut that resonates with classic Danish furniture art. With a versatile product line that includes storage solutions and accessories, they have created a niche in interior design.

Morten Larsen and Tahir Siddique invested 300,000 DKK for a total ownership share of 20%. Larsen praised the company’s ability to integrate electronics into the home in a stylish way that appeals globally.

After the Danish living rooms have been taken over, there’s a big world just waiting for Danish furniture.

Other investment – Vinhuset

Founded by Regin Bjerregaard Iversen and Bjarke Green Pedersen, Vinhuset has challenged online wine sales with its affordable tasting boxes. The business model, which focuses on quality wine in tasting boxes at reasonable prices, wine by the glass and jokes up their sleeves, was not an option for investors.

Regin Bjerregaard Iversen and Bjarke Green Pedersen were both laughed at and praised when they took the stage on Thursday night in this week’s edition of Løvens Hule. The fast-talking merchants from Thisted have shaken up the established market for online wine sales in just a few years.

With a 60% repurchase rate and strong conversion rates, Vinhuset shows an impressive market position and their tasting boxes offer quality wines to a wide target group, underlining the company’s potential.

Morten Larsen, Anne Stampe and Nikolaj Nyholm invested DKK 200,000 for a total ownership share of 20%. Larsen recognized the potential of offering quality wine to the general Danish population and sees great opportunities for growth both nationally and internationally.

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