Through ups and downs: Let’s all aim for even higher highs!


Startup life is never easy, but the past few years have been especially tough. However, the ecosystem’s ability to grow and evolve through hardship, makes us believe in even higher highs in the coming years.

Startup life is never easy, but the past few years have been especially tough. However, the ecosystem’s ability to grow and evolve through hardship, makes us believe in even higher highs in the coming years.

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by Sebastian Kjær (Editor-in-Chief, & Niels Holst (CEO,

It’s been a tough year for startups and entrepreneurs. Or rather, a tough few years with one crisis after another. But over the past year, the consequences have become visible in the startup ecosystem: more bankruptcies, even among scaleups that seemed relatively established, and a more wait-and-see investor market.

Fortunately, when you’re an entrepreneur, a rapidly changing market is not only a threat but also an opportunity. The ecosystem’s evolution through the crises has been nothing short of impressive: new ideas have emerged from the crisis, large multi-million dollar investments are once again being announced weekly, and new supporting initiatives are constantly finding their way into the ecosystem.

The significance of this resilience and vibrancy in the ecosystem cannot be overstated. The Danish startup ecosystem has kept growing over the last year. New communities, accelerators, networks, funding opportunities, investors and other initiatives are starting up all over the Country.

The ecosystem is also attracting more attention, both within Denmark and internationally. We believe it is because we are doing something special. We move close together in tough times. Every stakeholder wants to improve the Danish ecosystem and take it to the next level for the common good. We help each other, work together, and share experiences so we can keep improving the breeding ground for tomorrow’s giants.

Remember to ask for help

In our joint effort to make the flourishing ecosystem more accessible, Techsavvy Media and Heyfunding are happy to present this second edition of “The Guide”. A guide built on top of Heyfundings mapping of the startup ecosystem and Techsavvys editorial and startup-centric expertise.

The publication should make it easier for everyone to navigate the ecosystem—a kind of yellow pages for the ecosystem with mappings and lists of hundreds of initiatives combined with great storytelling. One thing should be clear, especially for new entrepreneurs: Building your startups does not have to be lonely. Remember to ask for help!

All the initiatives, organisations and stakeholders are ready to help in every conceivable way. To mentor the entrepreneurs, fund and boost their ventures and bring in the established companies to help the ecosystem grow and thrive.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our friends in the ecosystem who contributed to this publication. Believe us when we say: it is amazing to see the effort, care, the difference everyone wants to make, and the pay-it-forward attitude that is present every day.

About: TechSavvy is the leading digital startup media in Denmark. We specialize in great storytelling from the intersection between technology, innovation, and business. For close to a decade, we’ve brought the latest news from the Danish startup landscape, portrayed the biggest stars, and dived into the latest trends. In the past year, we’ve added a series of industry-specific magazines and professional networking groups to the mix, to integrate ourselves even further into the ecosystem.

About: Heyfunding

Heyfunding is a single point-of-entry platform to the Danish startup ecosystem. Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to navigate the startup ecosystem. Our impact is rooted in over a decade of independent research and working side-by-side with more than 500 stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. Our mapping of the Danish startup ecosystem has become best practice and is used every day across the entire ecosystem.

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