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The Trade Association Danish.Care’s accelerator programme, CareTech CHALLENGE, is tailored to get Danish care and healthtech solutions to market faster in Denmark and abroad.

Sponsored: This article is published in collaboration with Danish.Care.

It is not always easy to break through the sound barrier as a startup. That is why Danish.Care – the Trade Association for Assistive Technology and caretech is on a mission to make it easier.

“The industry exists to develop solutions and technologies for the benefit of society as well as individuals. It is a fact that there will be a shortage of thousands of healthcare professionals in the future. While we cannot replace them, we can support them with innovative technology. That’s why we’re working to help startups get off to a good start with new solutions,” says Anders Lyck Fogh-Schultz, Network Manager at Danish.Care.

The association has therefore initiated the accelerator program CareTech CHALLENGE. The purpose is to turbocharge the development of the next generation of Danish assistive devices and care-technology with international potential.

“We are an organic and very hands-on accelerator that does not require 40 hours a week. But we have such a large network, and know the care and health sector, and the customer field, so well that we can give companies a good opportunity to get a foot inside the market early,” says Anders Lyck Fogh-Schultz.

Anders Lyck Fogh Schultz Network Manager at DanishCare

Over 12 months, the startups in the challenge get a wealth of opportunities, including exhibitions, sparring on storytelling, sales,marketing and market access,feedback on product and strategy and knowledge sharing and networking with the strong field of Powered by partners.

And the potential for many of the innovative solutions is not only in Denmark, according to Anders Lyck Fogh-Schultz.

“There is a huge need in many countries for technology to play a greater role. Therefore, we are often not dealing with Danish solutions to Danish problems, but with technology that is relevant across international markets. In that pursuit, we help startups get off the ground and begin their startup journey right,” he explains.


  • Danish.Care currently has 135+ member companies.
  • CareTech CHALLENGE introduces startups to the ecosystem and is also a showcase where participants exhibit at the huge event Health & Rehab and large Danish conferences, as well as the opportunity to participate in international exhibitions,and export promotions.
  • The program is in its 3rd year, 59 startups have applied for the program – so far and is continuously attracting new partners offering knowledge sharing and network.
  • CareTech CHALLENGE has a running admission.Membership at Danish.Care is required.
  • Powered by partners include Amazing Hall, Health & Rehab, KEYSTONES, DTU Skylab, IDA Crowdfunding, Danish Association of the Physically Disabled, The Camp and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, The Trade Council
  • Contact: / +45 22 99 32 44