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Vision of being more than a Summit


Af Sam Eshrati, COO at TechBBQ

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight or in a vacuum. Governments, universities, foundations, corporations, investors and entrepreneurs all have a vital role to play in fostering a progressive tech ecosystem.

At TechBBQ, we continuously ask ourselves how we best can interact with these ecosystem players and support them in driving the agenda forward for a better, smarter and more sustainable future for us all?

Being a part of one of the leading tech and startup Summit globally, our main goal is to support and strengthen the Nordic startup ecosystem, and further, to foster growth for risk-willing founders from startups and scaleups.

We gather relevant players to discuss essential topics to inspire and promote entrepreneurship. Our goal is to engage the ecosystem and tap into everyone’s potential to lift the tech ecosystem in Denmark, and more broadly in the Nordics.

We aim to address global problems, such as access to talent and access to capital. One of TechBBQ’s main activities is matchmaking talents with startups, scaleups and corporations to address those specific challenges. At the same time, we invite a great number of startups and matchmake them with investors to help them accelerate their businesses.
As part of our annual Summit, we cover many other areas and do additional activities in order to explore new possibilities and become experts.

Throughout the year, we have different initiatives and projects driven by specific foundations and governmental bodies such as our “Founder Wellbeing”-project supported by the Danish pension company Velliv, our “Startup Capital”-project supported by investment organizations such as DanBAN, Vækstfonden, Digital Hub Denmark and Danske Bank and our “Impact Series” supported by the Danish Business Authority.

We also make sure we bring different agendas to the table and get the niche experts from every corner of the community involved. More specifically, we have just recently kick-started a new initiative called “TalkBBQ”, which are mini representations of our annual Summit, where founders, ecosystem players and experts throughout the year get to share insights and ideas, create awareness and raise concerns on certain topics, and ultimately discuss and inspire each other in the community.

In the end, what makes TechBBQ a unique platform is the dynamic startup community and the players deeply invested in it. Our Summit allows the opportunity for individuals to get exposed to the growing entrepreneurial community, but also the possibility of getting involved in projects driving different agendas and initiatives that brings the society a leap forward.

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