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With a new global venture, Novo Nordisk is at the forefront of the digital health revolution

Disrupting value chains, local innovation hubs and co-creation with startups. That is just a few of the many measures Novo Nordisk’s new worldwide digital strategy initiated to strengthen the company’s purpose and create even better digital health solutions in the future.

This article is published in collaboration with Novo Nordisk.

Technology, apps and data have really made its way into healthcare. With them, they carry an almost unimaginably great potential to change to improve people’s lives and health. Therefore, Novo Nordisk has launched a new global digital strategy, which will ensure even better healthcare solutions in the future.

“The healthcare system, clinical staff, patients and citizens are all working together to change and shape the collective expectations for new digital solutions in healthcare systems worldwide. We at Novo Nordisk would like to be at the forefront of that paradigm shift,” Matt Dugan, Director of Innovation at Novo Nordisk, says.

The new digital strategy transforms all parts of the company – from research and development of new treatments to improving both production and financial processes, either by optimizing, expanding or exploring new digital opportunities.

At the same time, the company has established a network of digital innovation hubs in China, Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, Israel – and more are on the way. The hubs act as links to the local healthcare ecosystems with a view to create pilot projects, ground-breaking insights and local initiatives that can revolutionize, disrupt and innovate the healthcare system. And ultimately scale globally.

“In order to succeed in the medium and long term, we need to collaborate and establish digital partnerships with many of the innovative startups in the world. The key to that is our local innovation hubs. Through them, we accelerate companies, co-create revolutionary healthcare solutions and connect the right actors with our business units,” Matt Dugan says.

The local startups also benefit from the business expertise, Novo Nordisk as a leading pharma company has. Through the digital unit, ‘Business Innovation Garage’, startups can present pilot projects, establish external partnerships or come up with so-called ‘moonshot ideas’ that can disrupt healthcare sectors worldwide. world. Then Novo Nordisk contributes a combination of data, expertise and mentorship and helps scale digital solutions worldwide.

“We have designed new collaboration models that help us test and learn at an accelerated pace to drive revolutionary, digital solutions forward. With our new strategy, we are gradually moving more towards digital holistic healthcare. But our purpose is still the same, just with a bigger digital toolbox: To improve patients’ lives with the best possible healthcare solutions,” Matt Dugan says.

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