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Young startup rejects offer from major competitor


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Although the wish list app Cupio is only about a year old, the two young founders’ solution has already become so popular that the big competitor Ønskeskyen has looked in their direction.

Strong user growth has resulted in an offer to acquire the majority of Cupio, while the two budding entrepreneurs were offered executive positions at the organization.

But despite the recognition and potential for exponential growth, they chose to decline the offer. With a desire for adventure and a vision to create something different and better, the two childhood friends retained full ownership of the company.

“I remember coming out of the meeting and looking at Christian. We were thinking the same thing: We can do it differently and better. If they are interested in us now, we must be doing something right. And I think we’ll both hate ourselves when we get old for not giving it a chance,” says Frederik Olesen, co-founder of Cupio.

Their journey started back in 2022, and the two young entrepreneurs have come a long way since then.

The identity is rooted in user experience

For Christian and Frederik, it is ultimately the users who decide whether the adventure ends happily ever after. Cupio’s identity and journey is built on a foundation of user feedback and driven by rapid implementation of that feedback.

This is also where the vision comes from: an interaction between consumers, shops and the environment. It’s a win-win-win situation, which is ultimately what the two entrepreneurs want to do differently.

“We wanted to create a solution that goes beyond traditional wish lists. Cupio is not just about creating wish lists, but about achieving more for less. By enabling our users to make significant savings on gift purchases while reducing returns, Cupio creates a win-win-win situation for consumers, stores and the environment,” says Christian Hartvig.

Cupio already collaborates with over 1,500 stores and the creative urge, the will to do things differently and to go their own way, is what drives the project.

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