Farmbrella unites the agricultural sector

Farmbrella unites the agricultural sector

By working together, the agricultural sector can co-create the solutions to meet the challenges facing the globe. Farmbrella Group builds the networking platform uniting agriculture worldwide.

Sponsored: This article is made in collaboration with Farmbrella.

In Agro Food Park near Aarhus, one of the world’s largest AgTech clusters is taking shape. Agtech companies are ready to conquer a world that, according to the UN, in 2050 will have to feed 9.7 billion mouths. This must be done at the same time as agriculture has to provide lasting solutions to the climate challenge and meet an increasing demand for energy.

Agriculture has what it takes to develop the world more sustainably, but if it is to succeed, it requires entrepreneurial agricultural companies to work together worldwide. In the Aarhus company Farmbrella Group, with Christina Yding Hahn Elgaard at the helm, a diverse team of entrepreneurs works to create the missing link; a worldwide networking platform for directors and managers in the agro-sector.

“Farmbrella Group is the first company in the agro-sector to embark on the great digitalisation transformation. There have been others before us, but no one has yet succeeded,” Christina Yding Hahn Elgaard says, CEO of Farmbrella Group.

Christina Elgaard, CEO of Farmbrella.

In May 2022, Farmbrella’s platform reached 1,000 users, and that number must now grow rapidly under the leadership of CEO Christina Yding Hahn Elgaard, CCO Jakob Tilma, CTO Martin Kollerup and CSM Bjarke Eg Sørensen, who all have experience helping startups.

“We are a very complex team; we are four very different leaders both personally and competently, and the entire founder team is a mix of young and experienced, women and men, because the statistics tell us mixed teams achieve the best results,” explains Christina Yding Hahn Elgaard.

About Farmbrella Group

Farmbrella Group aims to globally transform the dynamics of the agro sector through increased knowledge sharing and by creating and developing professional networks.

Two investment rounds in one year

In the autumn of 2021 Farmbrella Group was nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the year by Vækstfonden, and even though the startup did not win, the networkers were invited to pitch for DanBan at Danske Bank in Aarhus based on the nomination where the team brought home investments and competencies from DanBan and DanBAN’s Co-investment Fund.

At Vækstfonden, director of agricultural affairs, Lene Gade Hovmøller, has noticed a global demand for green solutions in the fields of energy technology, food, agricultural technology, environmental technology, and more. And the potential in the agro-sector, according to the director, is great. This is an opportunity to create new leaders in the agro-sector.

“In Denmark, we are at the forefront of solving the world’s both short and long term climate challenges. At Vækstfonden, we see many of the new sustainable companies that have emerged in recent years to solve core challenges in traditional industries,” says Lene Gade Hovmøller, who finds and invests in the companies that ‘Denmark must not miss,’ and in that category she has placed Farmbrella Group.

“Farmbrella is one of those companies, who, with its network platform, can contribute to connecting players from the entire food cluster – and thus help create relationships between competencies and capital,” says Gade Hovmøller on the Aarhus-based AgTech company.

Agriculture in numbers

According to FAO, agriculture globally had a total value of $3.4 billion by 2020, and 884 million people were employed directly in agriculture worldwide by 2020, according to FAO.

Despite strong growth, the agricultural network is far from ready to reap the success, which in December led to a valuation after the latest investment round of more than 20 DKK million. The ambition is now to use machine learning to create a global professional network; Denmark is just the first of many markets on Farmbrella Group’s road map.

“At Farmbrella Group, we are expanding the professional networks used in finding new business partners or the way into the next boardroom. But we are in the process of building an AI recruiter so that we will soon be able to assemble boards and networks based on competencies using artificial intelligence (AI), in order to unite agriculture worldwide,” Christina Yding Hahn Elgaard explains.

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