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Fast and far: Aarhus has world-class potential

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The startup community in Aarhus has the potential to go far. Really far. It is our job, as a community, to align our efforts and run in the same direction.

By Mette Tønnesen, CEO at The Link.

Aarhus has for many years been home to a wide range of impressive and important activities, services, and events for everyone in the startup ecosystem.

We’re famous for our young population, our world’s top-ranking University and the talent they foster. Aarhus is small enough so that everyone knows everyone and large enough to have the necessary power – if we lift together.

In other words; we have huge potential. But to fulfil our potential, collaboration is key.

Over the past year, many new activities and efforts have been initiated. All in a close-knit collaboration across Government institutions, corporates, knowledge institutions, investors, and startups. As a result, we hear a lot of “I can feel something is happening” around the city. And something really is happening.

Why now?

It is a massive kudos to the entire startup community, that Slush, the world’s leading startup event, selected Aarhus as one of the first five cities to run their spin-off event, Slush’D. The choice was made based on our young, booming community and our vision for development.

Slush’D is, to stay in the startup-lingo, our first proof of concept as a community. It is a recognition from the best of the best, that what we are doing is making a dent in the world. We are being noticed out there.

So, take the praise. Enjoy it – before you get back to work. Because there is still work to be done. Like any startup, we need to keep pushing forward, exploring new opportunities, and adding fuel to the sparks that are starting to burn under the community.

This is what this magazine further explores. The successes and the potentials. Keep reading to hear from some of our community builders, investors and most importantly startups. Take home nuggets of inspiration and insights, and then tie your hiking shoes and get going.

Because why not try to go far and fast?