One of Scandinavia’s leading banks and the largest financial services group in Norway, DNB, joins Copenhagen FinTech as new sponsor to collaborate and support innovation and growth in the Nordic fintech ecosystem.

“This is incredibly important for us in Copenhagen FinTech. The Danish fintech ecosystem is booming and we see a lot of new startups ‘hatched’ and accelerated at the Copenhagen FinTech Lab. DNB will be a very interesting partner for them when scaling their business in the rest of the Nordic region and beyond” says CEO Thomas Krogh Jensen from Copenhagen FinTech.

DNB already made a substantial investment in and partnered with the Danish fintech company Spiir / Nordic API Gateway and this new collaboration can further strengthen the ties to the ecosystem and the many Danish fintech entrepreneurs.

“We believe that an open approach to banking is key in order to compete and stay relevant in the future. Co-creation across geographies, industries and segments, will be fundamental to create value and drive innovation for our customers. On our quest to find strategic partners outside Norway, we are very happy to become a sponsor of Copenhagen FinTech. Copenhagen FinTech have a very strong position within a rapidly growing Danish fintech scene, something that we have not found other places in Scandinavia.” EVP Petter Lee-Johannessen from DNB New Business says.

Anchored in the region’s renowned design and digital traditions, Copenhagen FinTech strives to support human-centric financial solutions. Copenhagen FinTech foster collaboration at every step of the development process – from start-up to scale-up and everything in between. Copenhagen FinTech also runs a co-working space dedicated early stage fintech startups. The first and largest in the Nordic region with 50 companies sitting at the Lab in Copenhagen.

“By partnering with Copenhagen FinTech, DNB wants to create a solid bridge between the Norwegian market and Danish fintech scene, as well as contributing to the Danish ecosystem as we have done consistently within the Norwegian one. DNB already have a strong presence within the startup community in all the major Norwegian cities, as well as London and Silicon Valley and now also Copenhagen” says Petter Lee-Johannessen.

“We engage with many of the major banks and technology companies in the Nordics and globally. Strong local partners with a global outlook and an appetite for sourcing innovation from the outside are crucial for building the ecosystem. DNB will be a member of our Global Advisory Board, participate in our events and conferences and continuously identify potential partnerships and investment opportunities for their corporate venture arm. This is a win-win for all – Copenhagen FinTech, the entrepreneurs and DNB”, ends Thomas Krogh Jensen.