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TechBBQ wants to promote startups business relations more than ever


The organisers of this year’s TechBBQ will host even more workshops, roundtables and other networking activities that will strengthen entrepreneurs’ local and global business relationships. This years’ edition of TechBBQ takes place at Øksnehallen on 24 and 25 September.

For the sixth consecutive year Denmark’s largest tech entrepreneurship and grassroots initiative, TechBBQ, gathers the Danish startup ecosystem. The team behind TechBBQ expects to facilitate more than 1,500 business-oriented networking activities with Danish and international startups, scaleups, investors, VCs, corporates and talents.

Last year 440 network meetings were registered.

Being at the right place at the right time

TechBBQ’s co-founder and chairman of the steering committee, Klaus Nyengaard, explains the motivations behind the focus on network.

“TechBBQ is a part of the ecosystem and subsequently we must support the ecosystem in turn. This year, we have chosen to focus even more on boosting the startup business through several value-creating networking activities at this year’s TechBBQ. It is a prerequisite for growth to meet the right people at the right time. If you are looking for your first investment, to partner with a large company as a customer or to establish your business in new markets, the right person is attending TechBBQ this year. You just need to locate him, her or them,” says Klaus Nyengaard and continues.

“Studies, such as the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2018, show that startups and their stakeholders in the Danish ecosystem scores low on networking and internationalisation. And it is an important element of our vision to help the ecosystem by establishing networks and a global outlook. Therefore, we have to shape and facilitate more network-oriented activities that can boost startups and other entrepreneurs’ growth potentials. “

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