The Danish games industry is accelerating

The Danish games industry is accelerating


By Jesper Krogh Kristiansen – Games Consultant, Vision Denmark

By Jesper Krogh Kristiansen – Games Consultant, Vision Denmark

During just the last 12 months, the Danish games industry has seen exits and investments worth more than 200 million USD, and Danish games and game developers are experiencing a new level of financial success, with revenue, export and profit numbers increasing all the time.

All this underlines the basic premise of this publication: Games are a business, and there is money to be made and growth to be created by treating it as such.

Games have traditionally always been difficult to understand or describe in general business terms, but we are now finally seeing a tremendous increase in the understanding and acceptance of the quirks of the games industry, as the sheer financial numbers continue to increase and sales and exits have reached a size that makes waves even outside of the industry.

Driving the growth is the continuous innovation in both technology and business models, that has always characterized the games industry. Each new step leads to new opportunities and innovations to be explored in a business that truly never sleeps. Change and evolution has been a part of the games industry since its inception, and continue to be, even if the global revenue has passed $200B a year.

That’s why we at Vision Denmark are not just interested in the challenges that are here now, but also the challenges we see for the industry in the future. We expect the green transition, recruitment, bleed-over into other businesses, and increased utilization of research institutions to be some of the major issues, that we can help the industry solve in the years to come.

If we can help solve those problems together with the Danish games industry and the support institutions, we will be able to boost the healthy growth of the sector even further, and use that magic mixture of creativity, esthetics, fun, play, and storytelling that games are, to create even more fantastic experiences for people across the Globe. And as part of that build healthy businesses, jobs, and careers at the same time, accelerating into the future.

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