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About Global Tech Trends

Innovation Centre Denmark has identified and described the 12 technological trends from all over the world on this unique platform.

Join us at the Global Tech Trends conference to learn more.

This post is also available in: Dansk (Danish)

Global Tech Trends is the product of a partnership Innovation Centre Denmark and

The project was mandated by the Danish Government through The Government’s Action Plan for Economic Diplomacy, and the ambition driving it has been to provide an answer to the question “which areas of technology will come to dominate the future of business, science, and innovation?

The core of Global Tech Trends is a series of 12 short reports, each covering a specific tech trend. These trends have been identified and developed by the seven innovation centres that are strategically placed across global innovation hotspots in Silicon Valley, Boston, Munich, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Shanghai, and Bangalore. Each report contains a general explanation of the given technology, an estimation of its potential impact, and a brief analysis of how supportive these local innovation ecosystems are from the perspective of policy, entrepreneurship, corporate engagement, finance, and academia. The reports are followed by the Global Tech Trends conference in September as well as a podcast series diving deeper into the 12 trends.

What is Innovation Centre Denmark?

Innovation Centre Denmark is an organization born out of an inter-ministerial partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its mission is to elevate Danish science and innovation through collaborations with world-leading innovation ecosystems and ultimately to strengthen Danish innovation, development, growth, and employment. Its areas of expertise include life science, green transition, and technology.

TechSavvy is Denmark’s leading startup media. Through news from the startup scene, portraits of the brightest entrepreneurs and in-depth features TechSavvy explores how the tech evolution affects not only businesses but also our future as individuals and society. All delivered with equal parts tech optimism and journalistic integrity.


Beyond Innovation Centre Denmark and, Global Tech Trends has been supported by a series of like-minded partners, who share the ambition to support and empower the Danish innovation ecosystem. We would therefore like to extend our most sincere gratitude to all of these, without whom the project would not have been possible. Our partners are Danish Life Science Cluster, ATV, Energy Cluster Denmark, IT Branchen, Digital Lead and CenSec.

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