The Guide (2023)

A comprehensive overview of the Danish startup ecosystem | Powered by Heyfunding &

The number of successful startups and scaleups from Denmark is booming. Communities are forming all over the country, and the number of stakeholders and initiatives surrounding the ecosystem and supporting the wild growth is amazing. In a few decades, the startup ecosystem has grown from somewhat of a curiosity to a flourishing part of the Danish business community.

While the explosive growth and ever-changing nature of the ecosystem is what makes it so amazing to be a part of, it also makes it a jungle to navigate.

In order to make the ecosystem more accessible, Techsavvy Media and Heyfunding joined forces. And we’re happy to finally present this first edition of “The Guide – A Comprehensive Overview of the Danish Startup Ecosystem”. A guide built on top of Heyfundings mapping of the startup ecosystem and Techsavvys editorial and startup-centric expertise.

Enjoy your reading!

The Guide (2023)

20. march, 2023

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