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This post is also available in: English

Global Tech Trends conference

We gather inspirational examples of tech trends from the Innovation Centres in Shanghai, Seoul, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Munich, Bosten and Silicon Valley.

At this single-day conference you can learn more about the technological trends of tomorrow and their potential impact on how we run and operate our businesses and society.

The conference is free – but remember to register!

Session Host Suggested panelists
Session on lifescience Danish Life Science Cluster Rigshospitalet, BII
Session on green mobility ATV  
Session on space Digital Lead/CenSec ESA BIC
Session og CCUS & Green hydrogen Energy Cluster DK  
Session on AI & Metaverse Digital Lead/CenSec Therkel (Vision), DIREC

Life Science Session:
Closing the gaps in healthcare

Health systems around the world are under immense pressure and are looking into important transitions to meet the needs of populations, whilst also solving challenges of creating health systems with more equality in healthcare and a more balanced use of resources.

Introduction of innovate technologies and a new focus on providing care earlier and outside of clinical setting are crucial, but also an empowerment of patients and a democratization of health services are important factors to consider in the healthcare systems of the future. During the life science session on the conference, we will put the spotlight on 3 important global trends within healthcare:

1. Hospitals at home by ICDK Boston and Rigshospitalet
2. Femtech by ICDK Tel Aviv and BioInnovation Institute
3. Telehealth and Medical Tourism by ICDK Shanghai and Nordic Life Science

The session will be moderated by Danish Life Science Cluster.

Green Mobility Session:
New technologies: Challenges and opportunities for Denmark

Mobility is a traditional stronghold in Southern Germany due to its automotive industry. However, mobility is changing. New players are on the rise, and mobility is strongly influenced by four major trends: autonomous driving, electrification, connectivity, and shared mobility. This transformation paves the way for a new mobility ecosystem in which established industry players try to rethink their offerings and new players try to disrupt the status quo.

Meanwhile, China currently holds the position of global leader in the EV battery industry, accounting for a significant share of both global production and consumption and the industry enjoys strong support from the Chinese government. Corporate giants like BYD and CATL are investing heavily in new battery technologies and experiment with sustainable production practices including cradle-to-cradle management. While at the same time, Chinese startups are developing new technologies that enable production of the next generation of batteries through dismantling, extraction, and separation equipment.

These technology developments influence the European green mobility market. In this session, we will discuss how policymakers in Denmark and decisionmakers in Danish industry and grid management should react to the technology development in South Germany and China, as well as what challenges and opportunities the new technologies offer to Danish industry and to our national climate goals.

Programme and panel

Moderator: Julie Søgaard, Danish Centre for Energy Storage

  • Welcome by moderator
  • EV Batteries: Christian Hviid Jonstrup, Innovation Officer, ICDK Shanghai & Dr Xue Wang, co-founder, Botree Recycling.
  • The Future of Mobility: Marlis Erichsen, Science and Innovation Attaché, ICDK Munich.
  • Panel discussion: Charles Nielsen (Trefor), Charlotte Amalie Frejlev (CONCITO), Mads Aarup (Enyday/IDA).
  • Round-up by moderator 

Space Session:
Recent trends from a global perspective

Space is becoming an important part of Danish innovation system internationally – and space is an area of technology which can dominate the future of business, science and innovation.

In the “Space” session at the ICDK Global Tech Trends 2023 conference ICDK will present recent trends from the space sector from a global perspective. Joel Stafford from the centre in Bangalore will give a talk about the Indian space sector and Morten Scheel Larsen from the centre in Silicon Valley will present an overview of recent trends within the American space sector.

Both presentations will focus on the many possibilities in the space sector in these two markets for Danish corporations, academic researchers, entrepreneurs, and government entities working within the space sector.

After the presentations, a panel discussion focusing on how the Danish innovation centres can help strengthen and improve the Danish space sector will take place. The panel includes Joel Stafford and Morten Scheel Larsen from ICDK, Chief Consultant Henrik Navntoft Sønderskov from Danish Industry, CEO Sheila Christiansen from SpaceTech denMACH and CEO Michael Lumholt from Lumholt Space Technologies.

The session is managed by Anders Laustsen from CenSec and Peter Mandix Sehestedt from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Carbon Removal & Green Hydrogen Session:
Global trends, interconnection and opportunities

The global climate tech landscape is rapidly changing with leading initiatives from both east and west of Denmark. It is generally accepted that Green Hydrogen will play a significant role and now the IPCC has recognized that carbon removals are also critical for achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals. In this session we will hear from India and its global ambitions on Green Hydrogen and how this supports its overall energy transition. From the US, we will hear about new technologies for carbon removal that are getting traction while the tech giants are playing a central role for the durable carbon market. 

How do these trends interconnect and what are the opportunities for Danish stakeholder?

Join us for presentations and discussions.

AI & Metaverse Session:
Unleashing the Future: Generative AI and the Metaverse Join Forces to Shape a New Reality

With inspirational market presentations from the Innovation Centres in Silicon Valley and Seoul, we delve into some of the numerous opportunities and impacts that come with the technological advancements of Generative AI and the Metaverse. Thus, the global presentations offers both general and domain specific use cases, ranging from application potentials of AI across various industries in the US, to the technological convergence of GenAI and Metaverse in smart city development in South Korea.

Following the international presentations, we’ve invited a panel of elite ecosystem actors to anchor the debate around GenAI & Metaverse applications in a Danish market context, discussing use cases, limitations and not least ethical questions central to the success of these converging tech areas

The panel consists of:

  • Emil Sarauw, Partner & Head of AI, DROIDS
  • Simon Lajboschitz, CEO Khora Virtual Reality
  • Anne Marie Engtoft Meldgaard, Tech Ambassadør for Danmark
  • Ann Fogelgren, CIO GN Group

Moderator: Bent Dalager, Nordic Head of KPMG New Tech

Join us for an exciting debate on impactful topics and stay for networking after session close”

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