What makes the sportstech-industry so interesting right now? Lars Elbæk (SDU) and Carsten Couchouron (Sports Lab Copenhagen) shares their view in this editorial.

This editorial is written by Lars Elbæk (SDU) and Carsten Couchouron (Sports Lab Copenhagen) for Nordic Sports Innovation Summit.

As a result of technological innovation, sports have changed dramatically during the last decades. Advances in digital technology that can measure daily physical activity and connect people socially, such as the internet, wearables, and exergames, have provided new pathways for engaging in health, sports, and physical activity, as well as fan activities.

Consequently, the sports tech industry is growing rapidly in an effort to, for example, improve performance, talent development, team organization, fan engagement, viewer experience, and well-being. This is evident across most sports disciplines and especially in professional and elite football, a billion-dollar industry with high monetary investments and enormous financial rewards.

The growth of the sports industry and the societal changes affecting sports practice have also caught the attention of academia. Universities are eager to find an entry into sports tech innovation. Not only does it advance the field of sports, but innovative sports products and services also serve as sources of inspiration. In this way, they are strong contributors to academic exploration of sports and health-related benefits, including improving physical movement, providing greater social connectedness, and enhancing performance research in football and other sports.

The first Nordic Sports Innovation Summit takes place on August 26th 2021. This marks the 50th anniversary of the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at SDU. It brings together academia, businesses, sports organisations, the public sector, and civil society. It is a day that focuses on innovation in sports rooted in Nordic values. It exemplifies the Nordic approach to a healthy lifestyle, which is environmentally aware, well-integrated, inclusive, and enhances physically active communities.

The Summit disseminates the latest trends, research, projects, and innovations and provides a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and sharing of business experiences.

Nordic Sports Innovation Summit was held on the 26. august. You can find pictures from the Summit right here: