Innovation Centre Denmark: Turning Danish Ideas Into Global Solutions

Innovation Centre Denmark: Turning Danish Ideas Into Global Solutions


This article is made in collaboration with ‘Innovation Centre Denmark‘ – one of the amazing partners making the magazine ‘From University to Unicorn 2021’ possible. You can read the full magazine here.

Boosting life science startups: For the second time, the innovation centre in Munich is helping 10 life science startups build their own bridge to the innovative ecosystem in Southern Germany, where industry giants such as Roche, Siemens Healthineers, GE and Boehringer Ingelheim are located.

In cooperation with Business Hub Zealand, the startups are offered tailored innovation coaching combined with an innovation camp in Germany, where they will get market assistance and expand their network by participating at the Achema conference in Frankfurt.

This way, the life science companies get a chance to showcase their digital solutions to the German pharma and biotech industry – and build the foundation for long term partnerships across borders.

Innovation Centre Denmark: Turning Danish ideas into global solutions is the bread and butter at the Danish Innovation Centres around the globe. When Danish innovators are looking to scale abroad, they need to know the newest developments in the market they are looking to move into as well as local, strategic partners.

The Danish Innovation Centres are looking to help them do just that by having boots on the ground in seven strategic hotspots for innovation: Munich, Boston, New Delhi/Bangalore, Seoul, Shanghai, Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.

The centres are working with public organizations, research- and educational institutions and businesses by connecting them to key stakeholders in international markets.

Contact: Innovation Centre Denmark Munich, Lotte Lundø Nørgaard, Innovation Advisor, telefon +498954585420

Meet the 10 lifescience startups here:


atSpiro is developing smart laboratory equipment for bioprocess development. In biotech, process development is a manual process today. This makes it slow and uncertain to bring new products to market, which results in less effective production and unnecessary additional cost.

atSpiro is upgrading existing workflows and infrastructures by automating data collection and control of experiments. This way, laboratories can bring new products like enzymes, food ingredients or antibodies to market fast and at reduced cost.

The company is currently looking for partners in biotech and biopharma who wants to improve their process development. Furthermore, they are looking for investors.

Contact: // +45 2877 8624 //

BioLean ApS

Biolean make industrial AI happen. The company combines machine learning, process understanding and dynamic visualization to provide plant operators with real-time information on the development of critical operational tasks.

BioLean is an advanced prediction and visualization solution that is tailored for biotech production operations taking into account the nuances and intricacies of Data availability and quality, Process constraints and Operators constraints

BioLean is a stand-alone solution only integrating with the plant control system (DCS/SCADA) and ERP systems to receive process data while not requiring backward integration into the plant data and control infrastructure.

Contact: // +45 21 28 30 80 //

Consibio ApS

An industrial data platform that increases uptime and minimizes manual labour by digitalizing processes.

Consibio’s mission is to combine sensor technology, IoT and advanced algorithms, to create the necessary data foundation for optimizing biological and chemical processes.

With a background in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, Consibio has the expertise in the optimization of many different production processes. The company’s Cloud and IoT devices enable advanced monitoring and control of any setup. Consibio offers advanced insight into your process, no matter where you are and what you are working with.

Contact: // +45 20 68 71 89 //


New measurement technology is revolutionizing the manufacture of “thick liquids” enabling significant process optimization.

Paints, detergents, lotions – “thick liquids” must be thick in the right way to perform right and to meet consumer expectations – they must have the right viscosity.

Today, quality control of these liquids is done manually in a lab after the production. When making paint nearly half of all production must be reworked because the viscosity is not right.

RheoStream® – a process viscometer from Fluidan measures the viscosity profile IN THE PROCESS, making automatic process control possible. This saves time and resources and makes the supply chain predictable.

Contact: // +45 2374 5664 //


Inniti is the solution for accelerating innovation in your laboratory. The company provides laboratory professionals with a solution for automating the design, execution and documentation of experiments. By connecting all your laboratory equipment to the same software platform, Inniti enables you to automatically design, perform and replicate complex experiments with a few clicks. Their solution is modular, so you can build your experiment and ongoingly adapt it to changing needs in the laboratory.

That’s why Inniti has empowered visionary lab professionals with the first connected lab solution that generates unique insights. That is why visionary scientists need visionary equipment.

Contact: // +45 22 44 34 04 //

IntuBio ApS

IntuBio provides a rapid service-based solution in case of microbial contamination. The company strives to provide the first CFU results the same day as we receive the samples, and final CFU/TVC results no later than 24 hours after. Thereby a great reduction of downtime and uncertainty is achieved.

Contamination of downstream processes is a huge concern in most industries, not least in bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing.

By providing rapid microbial analysis IntuBio aims to revolutionize the way we approach microbiological monitoring. Their solutions are based on sophisticated optical scanning, allowing for early detection of microbial contaminants, while adhering to industrial standards for microbial quantification.

Contact: // +45 5354 1414 //

ParticleTech ApS

ParticleTech’s vision is to provide the process industry with a powerful and innovative imaging analysis tool, to monitor production processes and help improve process optimization.

The competitive strength of industries relies mainly on the ability to improve the performance of the production systems. Measurement systems are the brain of modern industry.

ParticleTech experience an increasing demand for ways to generate fast and reliable process monitoring data, and therefore aim to provide strong at-line analytical technologies to the process industries, for fast, time-saving and cost-effective results. With a highly flexible at-line process monitoring solution, it is possible to acquire detailed quantitative information about a process.

ParticleTech develops customer fitted solutions based on optical scanning technologies, for optimizing process control.

Contact: // + 45 53 54 80 84 //

Reshape Biotech

Reshape Biotech is building the next generation of robots for biotech labs. The mission is to make automation an everyday thing, where complex implementation is not a barrier. The best robots are extremely simple to use. Reshape Biotech currently focus on solid media workflows, helping R&D departments in everything from food culture development to crop protection, bioindustrial strain development and basic microbiological research.

They help customers achieve frictionless digitalization and quantification of microbiological assays on solid media – the first step for creating the lab of the future.

Contact: // +45 40 82 09 50 //

Techvolver ApS

Techvolver was established in 2018 to transform pipette calibration from a manual activity to an automated solution digitizing data handling, eliminating EHS risks, improving data integrity & increasing the bottom line.

Their solution, Calvolver, is installed in the laboratory on a rental basis, and therefore no investment is needed. The company provides innovative, full-service, automated pipette calibration solutions for life science laboratories that support customers’ goals to reduce complexity, eliminate repetitive work, and improve their bottom line.

Their vision is to take the hassle out of pipette calibration. In a few years pipette calibration will be automated and fully digitized, and no customers would ever dream of going back to the old, manual calibration.

Contact: // +45 29 93 16 70 //

Enabled Robotics ApS

Enabled Robotics’ ER-FLEX robot helps companies to automate internal logistics processes. The flexibility of a Universal Robots arm, the mobility of a MiR platform and integrated software for developing smart applications means companies can use the ER-FLEX for many different tasks, such as:

● machine tending in a loop sequence (24/7-365) to reduce downtime;
● transporting and handling materials to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks and ensure traceability; and
● replenishing supplies so employees can spend their valuable time solving other tasks.

As well as addressing the labor shortage and reducing the cost of automation for companies of any size, the ER-FLEX enables a quick and easy switch between functions so that users who have no previous programming experience can put the robot to work in a matter of minutes.

Contact: // +45 61 8181 61 //

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