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What’s happening in Aarhus!? Four ecosystem heroes share their thoughts


We have asked four key figures from the startup ecosystem in Aarhus about their thoughts on the current development in their ecosystem.

Anders Boelstifte Mogensen, founder of Gaest, Landfolk and the venture fund Founderment

“There is something going on in Aarhus. New initiatives are helping out – Aarhus Townhall is a good example of this. Many of those who have built a successful business themselves wants to give back to the community. We also see skilled tech people return to Aarhus with experience from large tech companies abroad – and they bring back a lot of networks and competencies. And then there are some new idols like Lunar who gives newcomers something to strive for.

We are beginning to see the sprouts of the seeds that have been planted over a number of years by enthusiasts in the ecosystem, companies, municipality, and the region. This is not something that happens overnight.”

Niels Holst, CEO and founder,

“It has been exciting to follow the startup ecosystem for the last 10 years. The ecosystem has historically been a bit fragmented and sometimes a bit anonymous. There are a lot of talented people and stakeholders who have helped develop the environment to what it is today, but there has been a lack of an organization like The Link and Startup Aarhus to bring it all together.

It is without a doubt a big boost to the startup environment that they have arrived. I believe this will only enforce the already existing and supporting forces in the ecosystem, allowing us to create one of the world’s best startup ecosystems together.”

Adrian Matthew Fey, Co-founder af Culture Works

“I just flipped through Startup Guide’s book on the startup ecosystem in Aarhus, which was published in 2015. Many of the players, stakeholders and startups are still active in the ecosystem almost 10 years after the guide was published – but in a developed and refined form. The ecosystem has matured.

However, the professionalisation of the ecosystem has created a vacuum for joint development, cooperation and dialogue. When I talk to Systematic, Humio or Bright Star Studios, the tech companies really want to participate in the ecosystem in Aarhus, but they need more tech bridges that tie the ecosystem together across competencies and startup seniority.”

Nichlas Walsted, Co-founder and CEO, Swap Language

“There is a super-strong field of new startups in a seriously strong ecosystem. We learn from each other constantly – even if we just meet on a social level. It makes a huge difference to have people you can learn from; who have made some mistakes that you do not necessarily have to make.

Now, we have a platform to meet and make sure that the knowledge and experience we’ve collectively gained isn’t lost. As a startup, we have grown, but we want to give back to the brand new ones – the ecosystem that has given us so much. And Aarhus Townhall is definitely one of the solutions ”

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