Health Tech Hub Copenhagen: We must dare to think globally when we solve health challenges locally

Denmark has the potential to play a leading role in solving both our own and the global health challenges. But it requires a greater eye for export and scaling when we develop our solutions locally.

This article is published in collaboration with Health Tech Hub Copenhagen.

Awareness of the health sector’s challenges has grown in the past few years. And that is positive. Most have recognized that it is simply not possible to find enough doctors and nurses to solve the health sector’s shortage of staff. Instead, systematic innovation and new technology are needed.

But while many have understood that the climate battle is global, something that affects everyone in the world, and something that Denmark has a role in solving, the health challenges are still perceived as something local – something that only pressures Denmark. And that is an approach we should change.

Because the challenges are in many ways universal, and often even bigger abroad. Today, the Danish health tech industry is so mature that it can make a big difference – both nationally and in the rest of the world. Although it is a relatively new industry, both the interest, the technology and the investments have developed exponentially in the past few years. Today we have a total of approx. 240 startups in Denmark, all of which are working on developing future healthcare solutions.

But in contrast to other sectors, the health tech area is deeply dependent on well-functioning public-private collaborations. Most of our health care is managed under public auspices and our decentralized health system often results in locally developed technical solutions that are rarely widespread throughout Denmark and even more rarely benefit other people in the world.

We propose that the healthcare sector, instead of developing local products themselves, scans the Danish and global market to see if good solutions have not already been developed within the area. And otherwise develop solutions where national and global is a focus point from the start. As with the climate, we have both a moral obligation to contribute to solving the global challenges, but also good business opportunities.

In Denmark, we have unique prerequisites for becoming a leader in the digital health field with a pioneering health tech and life science-sector, good research, and a highly digitized population. Abilities and talent oblige us. Denmark has the potential to export solutions to the whole world, but this requires us to think more globally – both for our own sake and for the sake of the world.


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