AI-Startup tailors web content for businesses: Continuing their development at INCUBA


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Most businesses can recognize the challenge of generating content for digital platforms. That’s why Cernel has developed a platform that automates product descriptions and web content, saving companies time, resources and proven to improve organic traffic.

Despite Cernel’s successful start, they face challenges typical of a startup. The company’s CTO, Mathias Fenger-Eriksen, points out the challenge of adapting the technology to the needs of different companies and industries.

Become part of a community

That’s why they have chosen to continue their business development at INCUBA StartupLab, which gives them access to an innovative environment and the opportunity to network with other companies. Mathias highlights INCUBA’s supportive environment and the opportunity to exchange ideas as crucial to their continued innovation and growth.

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“INCUBA is a supportive, innovative environment that resonates strongly with our own ambitions and goals. The access to varied facilities and the opportunity to network with other forward-thinking companies gives us a unique chance to develop our technology and expand our strategic reach. Being part of a community with so many different companies is incredibly rewarding for us as it opens up opportunities to exchange ideas, learn from others’ experiences and find inspiration, which is crucial for our continuous innovation and growth,” says Mathias Fenger-Eriksen in a statement.

In the coming six months, Cernel will focus on expanding their user base and integrating“multimodal AI” and“self-learning” to improve their content generation. The company has recently added Magnus Bruun Rasmussen to its team to strengthen its commercial efforts and partnerships.

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