New investor new investment: Startup raises double-digit millions again


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A majority of new technologies are flowing into many different industries these days, meanwhile in Aarhus a company is working hard to integrate some of them into our everyday lives. SynergyXR has created solutions for the integration of XR (Extended Reality) technology and spatial computing solutions into various industrial activities. The hard work has resulted in a new investment and a new partnership.

A strategic partnership

Finnish private equity fund Kvanted has led an investment round, of approximately DKK 15 million, together with existing investors EIFO, Innovestor, North-East Ventures and Aura Ventures.

As financial support, the investment itself is a catalyst for growth, but it also signals confidence in SynergyXR’s technology. With the new capital injection, SynergyXR plans to expand into new markets in Northern Europe and the US in order to strengthen its position as a leader in the XR-space.

Eerik Paasikivi, Founder and Partner of Kvanted, emphasizes the strategic interaction and high expectations for the collaboration.

“We’re excited to fuel the fire of innovation by partnering with pioneers who are redefining the boundaries of software and hardware. SynergyXR doesn’t just create technology; they shape the future of industrial digital transformation. Their proven software solution promises to revolutionize the manufacturing and processing industries by offering unparalleled opportunities for employee development and process improvement. This is the kind of tangible, transformative value we’re excited to support.”

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A competitive advantage

Digital transformation is here and it’s not going away. But there can be many benefits to digitalization, because it allows organizations to adapt to ever-changing rules and regulations.

Mads Troelsgaard, CEO of SynergyXR, also argues that the company’s industry-proven technology represents a competitive advantage:

“In today’s dynamic digital landscape, transformation isn’t just about staying relevant; it’s about taking the lead with technology that has already proven its value. Despite a tighter investment climate, our ability to not only retain our trusted investors but also to welcome Kvanted into our fold is a testament to the strength of our vision and the impact of our technology. This partnership marks a crucial step towards accelerating our growth across the Nordics and the UK – and Europe and the US, too – and sets new standards for success in our industry.”

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What is XR (Extended Reality?

XR (Extended Reality) is a broad umbrella term that encompasses spatial computing technologies including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR).

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