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New leaders to the Alexandra Institute: Profiles with experience


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Morten Spanner Christiansen and Ronnie Siegumfeldt Andersen not only bring great CVs to the table, but as part of the Alexandra Institute, they will help shape the future of Danish IT innovation and development.

Together with CEO Niels Husted Kjær and CSO Martin Møller, Morten Spanner Christiansen and Ronnie Siegumfeldt Andersen now take their seats at the management table. Their addition addresses the growing need for digital innovation in Denmark.

“We see that the market’s need for our skills is increasing in line with increased digitalization. Companies are demanding highly professional IT skills in order to remain competitive. To meet these needs, we are strengthening the commercial side of our business with the addition of Morten Spanner to the management team. At the same time, we are increasing the internal focus on modern management of our employees, which is the foundation of our success. With the addition of Ronnie Siegumfeldt, we want to put further focus on motivation and at the same time attract future talents to Alexandra,” says Niels Husted Kjær and continues:

We are the only GTS institute founded in IT research and digitalization, which is a commitment. We’ve worked hard to become known and used by businesses across the country, and we succeeded with our strategy. We’ve become a larger organization, and that growth requires a focus on good leadership and constant development with our many customers.

Fact box:

The Alexandra Institute, together with several IT companies, is part of Tech City Aarhus, a platform created to fulfill the following objectives;

  • Recruiting and retaining tech talent
  • Creating the ideal platform for tech startups and scaleups
  • To contribute to increased competitiveness of local businesses through digital transformation and digital business development
  • To focus on digital solutions that contribute to climate change mitigation

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