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Startup has had success sending Danish interns abroad


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Since 2020, Anyday has given 16 interns the opportunity to explore their field in an international context. During the internships, interns are given the opportunity to refine their professional skills while gaining a cultural experience.

The startup has an office in Chiang Mai, where the Danish interns will have the opportunity to work alongside employees from Thailand, Russia and the US. Several of the interns are there as part of their education at Dania Business Academy, and a stay typically lasts between 6-8 months.

Jonas Overgaard, CEO at Anyday, has been a strong advocate of having interns since the beginning. He believes that Anyday stands out and that their internship program in Thailand means that strong interns will choose them.

He mentions that 6 new interns will start in August, and that several of the previous interns have also become permanent employees.

“We see our interns as an important part of the team who help us think differently and contribute to our continuous development,” explains Jonas Overgaard.

Five tips from Anyday

1. Get a handle on work visas: Ensuring that interns have the necessary permits and documents to work abroad is essential for a successful internship.

2. Housing situation: It is a good idea to help interns find a suitable place to live, as this contributes to their well-being and security during their stay.

3. Social events: It’s important to include interns in social events from the start to create an inclusive environment that fosters collaboration and team spirit.

4. Guidance: Offering trainees ongoing and relevant guidance during their stay is key to their professional development.

5. Cultural integration: Promoting understanding and respect for the culture and norms of the host country helps make the internship experience more enriching and meaningful.

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